Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013


New Year’s handmade cards

cardsGift giving is an art form. It can be a form of expression — a way of expressing love, friendship, hope, sorrow, happiness and joy, as well as gratitude, recognition or appreciation. I want to remove any sense of obligation from the gift-giving process and focus solely on the smile the gift brings to the recipient’s face.
This week, we are going to make simple handmade New Year’s Day cards that will express your feelings. These are unlike any card in the market, and can be customised for your spouse, lover, parents, friends, siblings, grandparents, and even your kids. So let’s begin.

A simple card with hearts
You can create a sweet sentiment with hearts punched from coordinating papers. Back one heart with a punched circle, and attach it to the card using adhesive foam or you can use a drop of hot glue, and let it cool for 5 seconds. Print a banner strip and notch the ends to display a heartfelt message.

Robot candy bar card
This would be a perfect card for the ‘tech-man’ of your life. Use patterned paper to wrap a fun-size candy bar. Finish your robot by adding a head, arms, and legs with cardstock. Use buttons, punches, and ‘googly’ eyes to make the robot yours. This will definitely bring out the sweet smile on the nerd man of your life.

Layers of love card
A few alternating layers of coordinating fabric and patterned paper adhered to the front of a folded cardstock create depth and texture in a few quick steps. A ribbon-and-charm centerpiece makes the perfect focal point. This is a very simple card to make and can be presented to any of your loved ones.

cardCandy bar New Year’s Day card
This card is perfect for your sweetie with a sweet tooth. Attach custom-wrapped candy bars to a stamped cardstock using adhesive dots, and then add felt embellishments or tiny tags that say “I love you” or “Happy New Year” or any other message.

Fingerprint card — perfect for grandparents.
Use your child’s fingerprints to stamp hearts on a blank card. An inkpad is the easiest option, but finger paint will work as well. Parents can add ribbons and write sentiments to family members and friends, who will then have a memento of your little one’s tiny fingers.
A spontaneous card
This is a perfect spur of the moment card. Let your spontaneity come out in terms of affection and humour.

Gift wrapping
You can write his or her favourite song or quotes in a brown paper — or in any light-coloured wrapping paper — and then wrap the special gift with this paper and adorn it with a beautiful ribbon and your handmade card.
So my dear readers, I wish a very happy New Year to you all. We all cherish our loved ones but often we forget to express our feelings. This New Year’s Day, tell them how much we love and appreciate them with a personalised, handmade card.