Published: Friday, May 17, 2013

No interim govt with unelected people

Says PM

Terming the opposition leader’s 48-hour ultimatum on accepting the caretaker government system as a “man-made calamity”, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said her government had successfully dealt with it.
“She [Khaleda Zia] had issued a 48-hour ultimatum and said we wouldn’t be able to find a path through which to flee. I want to say that we have public support and we have been able to face the man-made disaster [the ultimatum],” she said at a meeting of the Awami League-14-party combine at her Gono Bhaban residence last night.
Hasina, president of the AL, alleged that the main opposition BNP wanted to overthrow the elected government through using Hefajat-e-Islam in a bid to hinder the war crimes trial.
“I must say that whatever obstacles come the trial of war criminals will be held to free the country of the stigma,” she said.
Hasina said conspiracies were being hatched one after another against her government. She vowed to deal with any plot in order for democracy to flourish in the country.
The premier ruled out a restoration of a caretaker government with unelected people and said that the ruling party did not want to go back to a 2007-08 like situation in the country again.
Earlier, at a view-exchange meeting with Netrakona district AL leaders, the AL chief alleged that Khaleda Zia had tried to hang on to power by killing her through the August 21 grenade attack in 2004.
“This time Khaleda Zia wanted to go to power by using Hefajat-e Islam,” she added.
About the restoration of a caretaker government, she said if the caretaker government came this time it would complete the unfinished job of the previous army-backed caretaker government.
Hasina said a section of people had a strong desire to be there in power, but they did not have the courage to go to the people and seek their mandate.
“This section always waits for getting something from illegal power grabbers,” she added.
About her dialogue offer, Hasina said the opposition leader had responded to her call for a dialogue by hurling a 48-hour ultimatum at the government.
“She [Khaleda] had said we wouldn’t find an escape route… now where has that path gone,” she questioned.
About nominating AL candidates at the next elections, Hasina said AL leaders and activists would have to abide by the decisions of the party central committee.

  • Jiasmin Khan, Ottawa

    Lady PM you are right theoretically but in practical it became something else because the final mixing process will not be inside the room; it will be done outside of the room so the extra chemical from air automatically mix with the mixing process so the colour you got inside will not be the same outside.

  • A Banalee

    There is an easy solution: elect the members of the caretaker government. What other easy solution is there ?

  • Raf Chow

    If the Speaker of the House is elected under a provision then why can’t you do so for the care taker government? Nonsense!