Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2013


No study done regarding building: Rajuk

Emdadul Islam, Rajuk chief engineer.

Emdadul Islam, Rajuk chief engineer.

The development authority of Dhaka has criticised the local authorities for not conducting any study whether the Savar building, which collapsed on Wednesday, was fit to house garment factories.

“The local authorities have no engineer, architect or inspector. They only approve a plan by putting a signature,” said Emdadul Islam, chief engineer of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk).

The local authorities pass on all the responsibilities to Rajuk whenever an accident takes place, he added.

Emdadul was talking to reporters shortly after a nine-storied building collapse in Savar that housed four garment factories Wednesday morning leaving at least 80 people dead and over 600 injured.

“Though Rajuk is authorised to make plan and carry out development structure in the municipality areas, local authorities like Narayanganj, Savar and Gazipur approve plans under the provision of Rajuk’s construction law,” said the Rajuk engineer.

He also blamed the local authorities as they carry out development work without any feasibility study.

  • Sabrina hossain

    Indicating to M. Ashraf’s comment what was this officials fault here? Rajuk doesn’t always blame it on others. Maybe this makes sense thats why they are. This whole building plan was conducted illegally by the local savar authorities.
    What are these poor officers supposed to do when all orders come from upper authorities in most cases? Too bad everytime they speak out loud all the government does is throws them inside jail.