Published: Friday, April 26, 2013

None will be spared

Pledges PM in JS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday vowed to punish those who are responsible for the collapse of Rana Plaza in Savar.
“Those who are responsible for the tragic incident must be punished. None would be spared. Whoever might be the culprits, they won’t get off scot-free even if they belong to our party,” she told Jatiya Sangsad.
She denied media reports which mentioned the owner of the building is a Jubo League leader. “I have collected the list of the office bearers of Savar unit Jubo League. But his name was not in the list.”
The PM said police, BGB, Rab, Industrial Police, and Fire Service and Civil Defence had launched the rescue operation within just 20 minutes of the incident.
Ministers, parliament members, local Awami League leaders and student leaders of nearby Jahangirnagar University rushed to the scene to assist the operation, she added.
Hasina said the building was not in a condition for use after cracks were detected. “But on Wednesday, the workers were forced by the owners of the garment factories to join work and suddenly the building collapsed.”
She thanked the BNP-led 18-party opposition alliance for withdrawing its countrywide hartal following the disaster, BSS writes.
Also yesterday, the prime minister while exchanging views with the Tangail district Awami League leaders at Gono Bhaban, said the government’s top priority now is to save people trapped under the rubble of the collapsed building.
“Some people are demanding the arrest of the owner of the building right now. But we want to say that the government’s highest priority is to rescue people.”
The rescue operation is a complex and time-consuming task as every step has to be taken through coordinated efforts by the armed forces, fire service and civil defence, and different law enforcement agencies, she added.
Stating that about 90 percent of the country’s buildings are not constructed following the building code, she asked people not to construct buildings by filling up water bodies, wetlands, ponds and canals.

  • nds

    We are really tired of hearing this sort of hollow pledges that fades into oblivion in due course of time. Examples are aplenty in recent times. Sagar -Runi murder,Hall mark scandal,share market plunder you name it. May be you have to wait till the day of the God’s judgement for awarding the punishment to the criminals concerned.

  • disqus_AjZv5T13AP

    Home minister sir should not spare. May be he is spot fixer like cricket match. AL may pay huge cost for him. Do not want to mention the name Murad Jong sir and next MP RANA sir.

  • Elpadrinobc

    Rana should not be allowed to escape to India or any other country. He should be tried asap. Enough is enough. Corruption and mismanagement should be stopped.

  • Ash C.

    So, many lives lost for the greed of some land & money hungry people. Since the PM has already disowned Rana & the Home Minister trying to shift blame on Hartal activist for the collapse of Rana Plaza, let’s wait & see what ultimately turns out! The outcome is almost obvious – based on past experience.

  • trybestone

    PM went to meet the parents of bloggers Rajiv Ahmed not because she cared for Rajiv and freedom of speech but for her political publicity. Today 350 people killed and she dint went to Savar nor to any family member of the dead because this time the killer is her partyman. If this is her way of dealing one can well understand how much care she have for poor Bangladeshi.

  • trybestone

    The culprit was given enough time to go scot-free. Thanks to your dear PM. She waited to make the announcement of arrest until she was sure Rana is safe and far from justice.

    • Zman7

      There is not one culprit, but many. And all of them must be brought to justice. Want to thank her? Then do it directly because she is officially the PM of all citizens, including yours, if you are a citizen of Bangladesh. Don’t make any comments on people’s intentions without solid proof(s). If you have any proof, submit it to the media to make it public. Unlike you, I’m not obsessed with Rana, all criminals must be brought to justice. Remember, the exemplary case of the Bank employees; their employer didn’t allow them to work in that unsafe building after noticing the cracks, so the bank-workers lives were protected because of timely precaution taken by the Bank authority. What have the garments owners done for the safety of their workers? In these circumstances, you don’t need the building owner to protect your employees. The building owner is responsible for his part of crime; garments owners, engineers and relevant inspection authorities are responsible for their parts. My main objection against you is that: You are too much preoccupied with the building owner Sohel Rana (not the garments owners and others), and blaming the PM.

  • Mohammed Khan

    I am talking like Khaleda; you Paki told Rana will not arrested but one day before I told in advance that Rana arrested. Because I am positive and Allah is with me. Please Paki don’t misguide our people. Allah will not excused you believed me. Joy Bangladesh.

  • Mohammed Khan

    I voted for you and want to say this trybestone is none but a pure Paki posting his comments from Pakistan. I could do the same in Paki newspaper but I will not do that because I believed I am an educated persons. Allah is great. Joy Bangladesh