Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ode to Shaheena

“Bon re tokey bhulte ki mora pari/ Buk-er bhitor agun ahajari/ Tor chitkar bhengechhe mon-er bandh/ Tobu parini metathe banchar shadh…”
These are lines from a gut-wrenching song penned by Rabiul Islam Jibon and set to tune, recorded by Shumon Kalyan. The song is an ode to Shaheena, one of the Savar victims who somehow managed to survive till the end of the rescue mission but couldn’t be saved ultimately.
“Shaheena represents all the hard working Bangladeshis. The Savar tragedy has left us numb in sorrow, as a nation but Shaheena’s death — in the process of being rescued — was particularly heartbreaking. My personal emotions inspired me to write this song,” said Jibon.
Kalyan said, “Shaheena has become a symbol. This song is a tribute to all the victims of Savar tragedy — dead and alive.”
The song will be on radio, TV and online.