Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Online shopaholic!

Stuck in traffic, long working hours and strikes; these won’t stop you from shopping anymore. Day by day online shopping specially through Facebook is becoming popular! Why? Because, they are easily available, customised, cash pick up and goods delivered at your door steps.
So, when it’s all about convenience, there is also getting access to a wide range of brands, designs and collection. When there are too many similar Facebook pages for retail products, and wholesaler, you can also find unique services, products to match your need and want.
Here are some Facebook shops that customise items that you would like to check out, click by click.
INSPIRink is a couture design atelier. As the name suggests, INSPIRink’s commitment is to create inspirational design with ink.
They design couture invitation that will leave the perfect and memorable impression with your guests. Inspired by all things – vintage, modern and chic, INSPIRink can tailour a look that is just right for you. Whether you’re having an intimate affair or a grand gala, whether it’s your wedding or engagement – announce your life’s most precious moment with style & grandeur with INSPIRink’s design.
INSPIRink believes in personalisation, starting from the company Logo to Business Card to Invitation to the favour of the event – you name it. There has to be a personal touch. Whatever is the case, one thing is for sure; everything will be 100 per cent customised and exclusive. Along with the invitation, it also offers a wide variety of accessories to complement the goodies, such as – Gift boxes, Thank You Cards, Place Cards, Menu Cards, and much more!
In addition to this, ‘Tiny Toes’ collection by INSPIRink offers custom invitations and stationery for the Birth Announcement and Birthday of your angel! No matter what the theme is – Butterfly or Princess, Pirate or Super Hero, let the world know about your precious with ‘Style & Grandeur’! For detail contact inspirink@gmail. com and visit them on Facebook
Daily Deli offers a variety of fresh baked pies and sweet treats. As well as a variety of healthy soups, sandwiches, and salads that will surely invigorate both body and mind.
Born and brought up in England and inspired by her mother’s recipe, Nisha Selim started to pursue her dream through online catering in 2012. Coming from an English background, she tried to bring in the flavour and texture in her menu. Till today, she continues making changes when necessary and giving a variety of choices to her clients.
This week, they started for the first time their ever Creamy Lemon Crumb squares (8 pcs) and Lemon n’ Herb Roasted Chicken. Among their other popular items , Steak n Mushroom + 6 pcs Chocolate Caramel Brownies, Steak n’ Kidney pie with our delicious Chocolate Caramel Brownies, Honey n’ Mustard Roasted Chicken with Apple Caramel Crumble or Lemon Zest Bars, etc.
So, pick up your phone and place your order to have an English style afternoon with friends and tea! For details, contact: dailydelifreshpies, 01684856912 and visit their Facebook Page.
Sapphire’s is a distinctive collection of designer silver jewellery, gems, brass, wood and beads. Starting from ‘tikli’ to wide range of necklace, bangles and ear rings, Sapphire’s has a wide collection of traditional as well as fashion jewellery. While they have their own designs and production in town, they also bring in designs and products from places such as India, China, Thailand, Korea, etc. Would you like to have your special jewellery made according to your choice and don’t want too many people to wear what you are wearing? Sapphire’s is your place to be. For details contact :, 01713015291
Fashion Station promises to offer the latest and “IN” handbags, clutches, shoes, sandals, watches, jewellery, hair accessories, etc. from the UK, USA and Europe, to an elite clientele in Bangladesh at very competitive prices! And it’s all about brands such as Next, Newlook and Guess.
They are making brands available for you at reasonable prices, which are not available in any other retail stores. Get the latest products delivered from the fashion capitals of the world to your hands! New products are added regularly!
Order your item with a 50 per cent advance; pick up your order during the middle of the following month from Gulshan 1 or Baridhara DOHS! For detail visit their Facebook page and e-mail