Published: Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pak minister raps Bangladesh for ‘opening old wounds’

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Abdul Quader Molla was undoubtedly executed because of his loyalty and solidarity with Pakistan in 1971. Dawn file Photo

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Abdul Quader Mollah was undoubtedly executed because of his loyalty and solidarity with Pakistan in 1971. Dawn file photo

While the Pakistan government Friday appeared hesitant to condemn execution of Abdul Quader Mollah, the country’s Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan issued a strong statement of his own denouncing the act as “most regrettable and painful”.

Mollah’s execution echoed in the National Assembly when the parliamentary leader of Pakistani Jamaat-i-Islami, Sahibzada Tariqullah, demanded the house pass a condemnatory resolution and adjourn for the day in memory of the executed politician, according to Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister Riaz Hussain Pirzada sought, and got, time from Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq until Monday to seek the opinion of the foreign ministry and other parties in the house about the execution.

Criticising Bangladesh for what he said opening old wounds by executing Mollah, Nisar, in a statement issued, said executing Mollah after a delay of 42 years to the events of 1971 was very unfortunate and tragic and some circles are declaring it a judicial murder.

Mollah was undoubtedly hanged because of his loyalty and solidarity with Pakistan in 1971, he noted.

“Till the very end before creation of Bangladesh, he (Mollah) remained supporter of a united Pakistan and today every Pakistani is saddened and grieved on his death,” the Dawn report quoted him as saying.

Khan said abiding by the demand of international relations, solidarity of international Islamic community and wisdom, conditions and events of the past should be put behind, starting a new era.

“But with this unfortunate incident, an effort is made to revive old wounds of the past.”

“In reality, whenever any country regrettably falls victim to a civil war, then all sides in the conflict resort to violence,” said the Pakistan federal minister.

The minister said it was necessary for peace and brotherhood that strategy of tolerating each other should be adopted in the larger national interest.

Criticising the Bangladesh government, he said, “It would have been better if the Bangladeshi government had shown farsightedness, bigheartedness and magnanimity instead of opening old wounds.”

  • Lunik

    Politics in the Subcontinent have always been driven by surges of emotion of one kind or another. South Asians are not rationalists and political wisdom is not their forte. But, Interest of his compatriots would have been better served if Mr Khan had focussed his attention on the more pressing problems at home.

  • MH Khan

    Pakistan should declare seven days’ mourning and hoist their flags halfmast.

    • touchstone

      The best comment !

  • Abbasuddin

    Pakistanis are also war criminals who should be put on international trials at ICC for their war crimes in 1971.

  • Alekanda

    Mr Khan 42 YEARS OLD WOUNDs in every patriotic Bangladeshi’s heart has started to healed up since Kader Mollah has been executed. Our wounds won’t be healed up completely until Pakistan apologises formally for the War crime in 1971 in Bangladesh.Now Pakistani Gov should start preparation for the Formal Apology.

  • ZI

    Well now that…we have opened ‘old wounds’, please let us know what you are going to do with the wound!!!

  • Asad Khan

    Yeah…right, ICC will open a case against a country who is defending its Eastern Part against aggression a brilliant regional power who attacked the neighboring country WITHOUT ANY UN BACKING let alone condemnation.

    Epic failure of rationality.


    • BoyBangla

      In 1971, the UK and US stood idly and watched their friend and ally Pakistani and it Jamaati Razakar recruits commit mass genocide to ordinary Bengalis, and now the US/UK aka ICC want to defend these Jamaatis rights; what about the rights of the hundreds of thousands raped and millions of slaughtered Bengalis at the hands of Pakistani and Razakars?

      The USA/UK want Bangladesh in its pocket like it has Pakistan, but Bangla has friends elsewhere, so western media create propaganda against the Bangla government who are trying restore order from these barbaric violent Jamaati mullahs.

  • Vikram Khan

    Says something about the level of intelligence of ministers in Pakistan…

  • Minor Voice

    Seems like this Paki heart got broken after loosing its soulmate!

  • M.Taha Naeem

    i do not know why bangladesh just does not do a sting operation against all those pakistani murderers . i think RAB would work out really well to punish pakistanis.

  • Badrul Siddiqui

    Thanks Mr Shah for quoting Professor Yunus. I am sure Political Leaders in Bangladesh do not understand and cannot read what Professor Yunus said.

  • Badrul Siddiqui

    Mr Javed Helali, well stated – thank you. We have such “qualified fools” in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

  • SM

    True anybody can give apology but we can’t force them to mean it.

  • Asad Khan

    If today, in Bangladesh, any political entity declare independence and went into exile in neighboring Myanmar, and Myanmar attack with full force without UN approval and occupy Chittagong, then what you gonna do? are you not gonna tack back your land which is now sovereign part of Bangladesh or you must let it occupied as per your logic of liberation? The creation of Bangladesh is nothing but the forceful annexation of unlawful aggression by neighboring country.

    • BoyBangla

      You seem to think Bangla is still somehow part of Pakistan, that’s so funny.

    • Mohammad Saiful Hosyn

      Pakistan lost the credibility to call East Pakistan as their part when they denied them the political right after winning the election in 1970 and put force to kill the mass people in the night of 25th March 1971.It was the mass people of Bangladesh who made their government in April 1971,under the leadership of the political leaders who won the election, plus the Army officers who deserted Pakistan Army, and fought as mukti bahini.And took help of India. Pakistan lost to Mukti bahini a guerrilla war outfit of mass people of Bangladesh, not to India, which your army never accepted.India entered directly in the war in November after all out fight on both sectors broke out.

  • BoyBangla

    Point Beautifully Made; there are indeed snakes hidden among the free spirited Bangla people.

    And these snakes emerge as jamaati gangs and attack the Nation.

  • BoyBangla

    Funny, Pakistan refuses to take back Pakistani Bihari who insist on remaining Pakistani.

  • Asad Khan

    CAPITAL TALK has got zero credibility. Its anchor was awarded a state medal by your PM. Sorry, no one follow biased emotional fools.

  • Hiron

    Hard to believe how easily people could be manipulated or diverted. No wonder Bangladesh is where it is today.

  • BoyBangla

    That is a beautifully sighted response. I hope true patriotic Bengalis realise they have a role in seeking justice for all of Bangla.

  • BoyBangla

    Says a Kashmiri who who has no freedom or independence from Pakistan.

  • BoyBangla

    Its the same in Bangladesh – Jamaat takes a measly 2or3/300 seats in parliament, but they cause 98/100 violence icidents in the country.