Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pet care 101 @ pet care mela

lot of us love keeping pets — for companionship, for the love of a cute, adorable animal, for security, for the fascination towards a particular breed…the list is rather long.
But having a pet also means a lot of responsibility, and no matter how responsible towards our pet we think we are, many among us lack the basic knowledge and understanding it requires to properly take care of a pet.
In light of this, Dr.Sagir U Ahmed, the pet care columnist of Star Lifestyle, The Daily Star, who has been a vet for more than a decade now, is about to organise a pet animal care fair.
“As a vet, I’ve always felt the lack of proper knowledge in this subject among many pet owners,” he informed. “The responsibility required towards pets is often not there. When an animal is kept captive and is tamed, you need to know very well about its nutrition, behaviour and other factors. Without the basic knowledge, the fate of a pet can be – and is often — disastrous.”
To change this status quo for the better, Dr.Sagir is going to organise the first-ever Pet Animal Photo Exhibition & Pet Care Mela 2013.
Know your pet better
Think of this weeklong event as an awareness campaign with the motive of making you better suited to take care of your pet. The knowledge-sharing activities will be roughly divided into two categories: specialised booths and seminars/workshops/talks.
“You will have booths containing information about animal food and nutrition, another for vaccination, for dental health, for pet accessories, etc,” Dr.Sagir shared. “We are also planning to open an ‘Ask Dr Sagir’ booth, keeping in mind the popularity of the column.”
Moreover, there will be a series of very interesting talks. “There are people who have specialised in different areas of pet care. We can have a seminar on food and nutrition. Also, there are people who have expertise on specific niches. So, for example, we might have a session about German shepherds in particular, another of pigeons et al,” the vet told.
The event will also sell Pet Animal Care, a very informative, interesting and comprehensive book written by Dr Sagir.
Photography exhibition and competition
Being a vet and an eager photographer, Dr Sagir has a passion for animal photography. It is a very distinctive genre, which, in Bangladesh, still has not seen the popularity it enjoys in many countries.
The pet fair will host an animal photography exhibition: collection of pictures captured by the vet himself. And, for those who want to show your pet off it must be your own pet) — and your talent with the camera — the event will also hold an animal photography competition where you can take part.
Pet Animal Care Mela 2013 will be held at Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi from 25 December to 31 December, 2013. For a potential or current pet owner the event is a must-go..
For the animal photography competition, deadline for submissions is 15 December. You can mail the pictures at or at fairooz26; or you can submit through CD or pendrive in the vet’s clinic (House 3/2, Block D, Lalmatia, Dhaka).
The pictures need to be inserted on a PowerPoint presentation (30 slides minimum or in Flash); conversely you can submit a 5 minute video. Whichever way you choose, incorporate appropriate background music to go with it.
For more information, call 0191 225 1312 or 0175 298 7436 or visit the event’s facebook page, Pet Animal Photo Exhibition & Pet Care Mela.