Published: Sunday, August 4, 2013

PM inaugurates Kuril flyover


Vehicles are plying on the Kuril flyover after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the flyover on Sunday. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the much-talked-about 3.1-kilometre Kuril flyover in the capital Sunday morning.

The 8.9 metre wide and 14.6 metre high flyover has been constructed on Kuril Bishwa Road with a hope that traffic congestion in adjoining areas will be reduced to a great extent.

It comprises four sections providing uninterrupted connection among Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Nikunja, Banani, Rampura and Purbachal areas.

Project Builders Limited, and China Major Bridge Engineering Corporation jointly built the flyover at a cost of Tk 306 crore, provided by Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk).

According to a Rajuk estimate of 2007, around 1,57,000 vehicles coming from the five aforementioned areas crosses the Kuril intersection every day.

At present, a level crossing at the intersection closes 98 times every day, halting traffic for a total of eight hours and creating around one-kilometre long tailbacks in the five directions.

The flyover would help in the uninterrupted movement of traffic, saving valuable time and fuel of commuters, according to Rajuk official.

The present government approved the project, initially estimated to cost Tk 153 crore, in March 2010 and it was scheduled to be opened to traffic in December 2012.

The opening was deferred two more times, in March and June, while the costs doubled which Rajuk blame on frequent hartals and failure to acquire land on time.

The flyover’s foundation stone was laid by a former caretaker government chief adviser, Fakhruddin Ahmed, on December 17, 2008.

  • Abu Hanif Sagar

    when will jatrabari flyover open?

    • Nasirullah Mridha,USA

      Don’t worry dude – Be patient.Before AL tenure expire Sk.Hasina will tear the ribbon.They will not give the credit to next government if election held on time with all political parties.Grit with your teeth until October 2013.

  • Snr Citizen

    Even if planned and inaugurated by CTG (Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed), fact is it is complete now and is likely to ease traffic flow to a considerable extent.
    Congratulations to all who had worked at it to bring about today’s success.
    Also hope the construction is of expected quality to be able to sustain the heavy duty that it will be subjected to.
    What about maintenance of the existing roads and by-roads? The pedestrian walks are seriously in BAD SHAPE and needs attention!

  • SM

    I live in a city of flyovers -but have just one question; what happens after you are done flying over and come down the ramp?

  • niloufar sarker

    With whose money do you expect public works to be done ? The credit rightfully goes to the party in power & they can brag all they want when they put tax money to good use.

    • agent_47

      yes. credit right full goes to the party who planned the flyover and started the construction. not who finished it.

      so, who do you thing started the construction?

  • Abul Kashem

    You are right Mr. Andalib Ansari. Why asking votes and frequent blaming games on peoples money?

  • Amzad Hossain

    So we see HARTAL serves many purposes. Even RAJUK would like to get rid
    of all its liabilities for spending more than double blaming HARTAL . Earlier we have seen the Prime Minister blaming HARTAL for poor HSC result.

    Long live HARTAL

  • SM

    Sir, my question was not a metaphor, rather structural because all these flyovers should feed into a bigger roads to facilitate the traffic. Usually most of the fly overs (or entry/ exit over pass ramps) feeds into major interstate highways or regular highways with 3+ lanes otherwise it becomes like a like coke bottle design with choking points at the end. There should be plans to increase the width of the roads otherwise all these flyovers will feed into clogged up arteries.

    • Snr Citizen

      Good observation, but it is not a metaphor, it is true and infrastructural. I did not differ with you at all. Because I have had considerable ‘drives’ over, down and under multi-storied flyovers. Yes, after the ‘flight’ where do the traffic move on to? Again get choked? That is the question. Well, we can not have things and structures soon enough, but we can gradually expect to set out goals and priorities right so as to have minimum comfort and time-saving ensured.
      Whatever road are existing need to be CLEARED of Dirt and REPAIRED. That could HELP with the flow of traffic at many points.
      Very little is possible to widen our roads, Space is a huge problem. And so is size of the POPULATION! Quality of life will NOT improve unless population is planned like China, for survival.