Published: Friday, May 3, 2013


PM calls for postponement

Thanks media, people for helping continue rescue work at collapsed Savar building

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at a press briefing at her Gono Bhaban residence on Friday. Photo: BSS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at a press briefing at her Gono Bhaban residence on Friday. Photo: BSS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon the BNP-led 18-party alliance and Hefajat-e Islam to postpone their rally and Dhaka siege programmes considering the sufferings of the Savar tragedy victims and their relatives.

She made the call during a press briefing broadcast live by the state-owned BTV, Bangladesh Betar and private television and radio stations on Friday evening.

The premier’s comment came nine days after Rana Plaza in Savar collapsed killing 511 people and injured scores.

The BNP-led 18-party opposition alliance is due to organise a rally at Shapla Chattar in the capital on Saturday while Hefajat is taking all out preparations to make its Dhaka siege programme a success on Sunday.

The prime minister in her around 40-minute address gave a detail on the rescue operation being carried out at Savar since the building crashed down on May 24.

She blamed the owners of the factories based in the collapsed building for operating their units even after warning from the industrial police.

During the briefing held at the prime minister’s official Gono Bhaban residence, she tried to explain that the government had already met some of the 13 demands raised by Hefajat.

Hasina rejected claims by the radical Islamist group that the government agencies had harassed students of Quami Madrasa across the country.

  • Reaz Hassan

    Why this last moment call for postponement? Have you had a premonition or something?

  • Elpadrinobc

    She should not meet any points of Jamaat Hefajot. She should not bow down to war criminals

  • Elpadrinobc

    The terrorist producing madrasas should be shut down immediately. Enough is enough.

  • nazmul Haq

    Are you requesting the postponement in good faith? Or, you want to buy time through to blunt or at least slow the momentum of actions of the opposition parties against your regime?

  • Iftekhar Hassan

    The only issue PM Hasina face now in Bangladesh is one: How to keep power under any circumstances for next five years…democratic or undemocratic means.

  • Elpadrinobc

    Dear moderator thank you for being so patient with my comments. The daily star is the best source of Bangladeshi news.

  • Razwan Daniar

    our dear PM IS dreaming