Published: Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rab choppers hover over capital


Photo: TV grab


Choppers are seen hovering in the Dhaka city sky since the morning to ward off subversive activities in the wake of recent spate of violence centring the upcoming parliamentary election.

The skyway patrolling of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) began around 11:30am, Col Ziaul Ahsan, additional director general of Rab, confirmed it to The Daily Star.

“The patrol would continue as long as the situation demands, based on intelligence information,” the Rab offiicial said.

However, it could not be known immediately how many helicopters are patrolling the skies of the capital.

  • truthprevails53

    The Jamaat leaders Nizami and Sayedee need to be hanged asap. That will shut Jamaat for good. With time Jamaat will lose support. People are starting to realise how violent these terrorists are. Lets wash Bangladesh. Lets make it healthy again. We, the general public, have a big role to play. Lets not support the terrorist madrasas. Lets not stay quiet when the Jamaati imam comes up with anything unconstitutional, un-Islamic and violent. Lets not tolerate these bastards.

    • ben10

      Please give us a break by not using the word constitution. Ershad is jailed, his advisor is interrogated by RAB, without any ballot candidates elected. Don’t you feel shame to talk about constitution. Disgrace to all those who are part of this shambolic election and government.

  • ben10

    Because the criminals are state sponsored and hired to defame and destroy opposition.