Published: Monday, April 29, 2013


Rana remanded

Detectives take Sohel Rana, the owner of Rana Plaza, out of a court in the capital on Monday. Photo: Palash Khan

Detectives take Sohel Rana, the owner of Rana Plaza, out of a court in the capital on Monday. Photo: Palash Khan

A court in Dhaka on Monday ordered interrogation of Sohel Rana, the owner of a Savar building that collapsed Wednesday killing at least 381 people, under a 15-day police remand.

Anisur Rahman, owner of Ether Tex Ltd which was housed on the nine-storey Rana Plaza, was placed on 12-day remand in connection with the two cases filed in connection with the deadly collapse.

Meanwhile, Anil and Mithu, Rana’s aides who were arrested with him during a raid in Benapole Sunday, were remanded for five days in each of the two cases.

Earlier in the afternoon, police handed over the two cases to the Detective Branch of police for investigation.

Sohel Rana was made accused in both the cases filed with Savar Police Station Wednesday night hours after the collapse of the building.

Helaluddin, an authorised officer of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk), filed the first case against Rana for the building’s structural fault and use of substandard materials and violation of building code.

Wali Ashraf, a sub-inspector of Savar Police Station, filed the other case against Rana, his father Abdul Khalek and the owners of the five garments housed in the building for loss of lives and damages.

Detectives produced the four accused before the Senior Judicial Magistrate Court in Dhaka around 3:50pm.

After hearing the investigators’ plea for interrogation of the accused under remand, the court placed the four under remand.

  • Mizan

    Police was supposed to lock down the build after the cracks were found. Simply this disaster could be prevented. what is the use of arresting Rana after this mass murder? Isn’t state also responsible?

    • from_beluchistan

      You voted for the people representing the state ,so you are responsible .
      This is an ugly circular argument ; unless we improve our education standard and as literacy the same rate the world is improving ; this sort of problem will persist .

      • Nizzy Niz

        100% agree with you. people are responsible for electing this corrupt government. but lets be honest there is no alternative, people have no other choice. all the political parties are same. BNP has done way more corruption during their time. Bangladesh need new political movement lead by new generation of educated leaders.

        • subterraneo

          Like disposing of the current leaders and choosing new ones? Interestingly, the current government took a step in that direction in 2009 by forming a cabinet with relatively new faces. Or do you recommend choosing new prime ministers as well?

    • subterraneo

      It has been reported that the industrial police recommended that the building be closed after the cracks were discovered, but it was ignored by the owners. Legally, the industrial police did not have authority to enforce its recommendation without a court order, which could not have been obtained by the time in the morning that the collapse occurred.

  • from_beluchistan

    RAJUK , BGMEA are both responsible for this massacre . Irony is that they will get to form the investigation committee for this incident . Hence , we will not get from justice .

  • Nizzy Niz

    why he is wearing police vest ?

  • Reaz Hassan

    Don’t kill the man or allow him to commit suicide. We want him to be alive so as to get at the facts. Mind you, there are other culprits who need to be successfully prosecuted and without him the task would be real difficult.

  • Rashid Ahmed

    RAB is very efficient only when they receive positive instructions from the political leaders. When they receive instruction only then they catch criminals. Sagar-Runi murderers can not be caught because there is no such positive instruction from political leaders.

  • Muzaffar Siddique

    Very sight of this man is disturbing . Every time I see him in the news i feel like throwing up !! He is not the only one , these type of people are mostly the political leaders !!!
    What is future hold for us ???

  • David

    As a foreigner who loves Bangladesh and its people, I am glad that this disaster has made headlines across the world. It is time that the Bangladeshi government should enforce the law and stop this slavery. It is nothing less than slavery to lock workers in a factory so that, in the event of a disaster, they have no escape. I am sorry to have to say this but the PM has the responsibility of 381 deaths (at the last count) upon her conscience.