Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Rang’s Victory Day preparations

rangsrangsBeing a fashion brand that has sprang out of patriotic national identity, Rang — and its concern, Shroddha — have geared up with this month to celebrate Victory Day.
And borrowing the colours red and green from our flag, Rang and Shroddha have come up with saris, fatuas, punjabis, kurtas, T-shirts, mugs etc with different patriotic words emblazoned on them. And its not just the colours and the words used, the very designs themselves reflect our national identity and the spirit of victory. And in light of winter, the clothes are made out of thick shuti and khadi, with the process of tie-die, block, batik, cutwork, screen print, etc.
The Victory Day collections are available on all Rang showrooms. You can also get hold of their gift vouchers, with the value ranging from Tk.500 to Tk.5000.