Published: Sunday, April 21, 2013

Through the Lens

Ready, Steady, Go!


Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

It started off in all good spirits. A bunch of young enthusiasts from Jaago Foundation, Moja Loss (an online entertainment group) and BDCyclists organised a lungi march on April 13. Before starting the Bengali New Year, these young enthusiasts wanted to ensure the rights of the grassroots people- the rickshaw pullers, who are forced to wear trousers before entering certain areas of the city. The aim of these young enthusiasts was to lift Baridhara Housing Society’s ban on wearing lungis. The session kicked off with an exclusive fashion show, where both men and women posed wearing funky lungis. Being unaccustomed with this piece of clothing, some wore pants under their lungis to secure their honour, while others where bold enough to be beautiful in whatever they wore. Since the number of people increased exponentially, it made the policemen curious. A conflict soon occurred between the young activists and the police authorities who were fully geared to attack! Although, only a handful of women were present, their voices added volume to their action. The policemen were mellowed by these rough feminine voices but they were strict about allowing these young people into the Baridhara premises. All in all, the protest was not quite a successful one but it was definitely one with a modest cause!