Published: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Respect Bangladeshis’ expectation, Khaleda tells India

Opposition leader Khaleda Zia has called upon the government of India “to show respect” to the demands and expectations of people of Bangladesh “the way the international community is reacting”.
In a statement this evening, she however, thanked the United Nations, the European Union, the governments of US, England, Canada, Australia, China and Japan for their continuous efforts to resolve the ongoing crisis.
“I call upon the influential neighbouring country of India and its people to express their solidarity to feelings, demand and expectation of the majority people of Bangladesh likewise the world community,” said the BNP chief.
Referring to the UN initiative to mediate a negotiation between the ruling Awami League and opposition BNP, she said an expectation has been created among the countrymen as the sides have been agreed to sit for a dialogue. “I expect they (government) will go forward to the path of peace and understanding by taking the people’s expectations in the consideration and giving up stubbornness.”

  • Akhtar Shah

    Sounds a hollow , when the killing and burning continues! This comment is not intended to exonerate AL .

  • Kalu_Mia

    India has been a boogeyman for Bangladesh. This country has been giving connivance to a particular party of Bangladesh. India has already bagged a lot of business and earned much profit during last 5 years. They have got all free passes throughout our land. The compromise, for this, has been made at the cost of our democracy. For this reason when authoritarian regime like condition is ongoing in our country, India has been silent about it. This is not only silence, which would have been better, but this is a support for a particular country.

  • SM

    The statement is universal –we want respect! So let’s start first by showing respect among us.