Published: Thursday, May 9, 2013


Govt listing madrasa teachers: Inu

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu addresses a press briefing at Press Information Department in the Secretariat on Thursday. Photo: Focus Bangla

The government is preparing a list of madrasa teachers who “deceived” children to join violent political activities” sponsored by Hefajat-e Islam, Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu said on Thursday.
Addressing a press briefing at the Press Information Department (PID) at the Secretariat, the minister vowed action against the Islamist group.
The announcement came three days into Hefajat-e Islam rally in the capital’s Motijheel area. When the law enforcers started operation to disperse them from the venue, the senior leaders fled away leaving many children who were brought to capital from different Quami madrasas across the country.
Inu called upon the opposition to hand them a list of the 2,500 people it claimed to have been killed during the operation.
The minister’s urge came hot on the heels of the propaganda by the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami that nearly 2500-3000 people have been killed when law enforcers flushed the Hefajat men out of Shapla Chattar area in the capital early Monday.
He also called upon the opposition activists to offer unconditional apology to the nation if they fail to reveal the names.
Earlier on Wednesday, trashing the claim of death of 2,500 to 3,000 Hefajat activists merely as a rumour, Dhaka Metropolitan Police said 11 people, including a policeman, died in Motijheel between Sunday and early Monday.
A vested ill-motivated group was campaigning that over 2,500 to 3,000 people had died during law enforcers’ drive to flush out Hefajat men from Shapla Chattar and adjoining areas, DMP Commissioner Benazir Ahmed said at a press briefing.

  • Zman7

    Yes they should come out and substantiate their claims with facts. Failing
    to prove the claimed enormous high number (or even its one-hundredth
    [part]) –is tantamount to spreading fudge and deceiving people only to crate
    chaos, confusion and unrest in the society, and it is not Islamic either.

  • Rezaul Hoque Rezaul Hoque

    the honorable minister should also make list of those godfather who is making the ruling party`s students organizers supporters motivate to do killing, grafting, using drugs and destroying the people`s wealth. we the people also listing those leaders who were involved in corruption Padma bridge project, looting money from share bazar, flip off money to the another country, hawlmark mechanism, destiny and so on.

  • A Banalee

    Who is to be blamed for using BCL for politics, Hon’ble PM?

  • Sabina G

    Not only Madrassa, Government should also list schools without license. In my area, there are many schools housed in residential buildings. The rooms are small, stairs are narrow. I feel it is not healthy environment for children to stay and learn.

    • Abdur Rahman

      you are right .Sabina G

  • Abdur Rahman

    yes , if it is true the opposition groups may hand over a list who were killed at Motijheel . I think it is a sheer lie that 2500 to 3000 people were killed . In Savar tragedy we saw a huge number of relatives gathered at Savar for the information
    about their relatives but we do not see such gathering at Motijheel or elsewhere in the capital . So how it is tenable ! Please do not hatch propaganda , let the country be peaceful for our progress.

  • Ali Ahmed

    Children are used by BNP and AL at their possessions for a long time. Name of Khaleda and Hasina should be on top of that list.

  • Ferdous Jalil

    Most of the people who were sleeping on the streets are very poor and orphans…that’s why they were sent to madrasas…they don’t have relatives…they live on the mercy that our society provides them with…even if they had relatives, how can be logically think that they have the balls to show up in Dhaka and confront the authorities and question them about the death of their kin…that’s ridiculous…since when did we have so much faith in our administration! And if the government thinks that they are children, then use of force was too strong. There are clear video footage of vandalism that had been carried out the day people…clearly the thugs were not children!