Published: Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Rony not resigning

Says he would meet PM and do 'what is best for all'

Golam Maula Rony at a talk show of Ekushey Television. Photo: TV grab

Golam Maula Rony at a talk show of Ekushey Television. Photo: TV grab

Ruling party MP Golam Maula Rony Tuesday backtracked on his decision to resign as a parliamentarian amid rising criticism over his assault on two television journalists.

The embattled parliamentarian said he would talk with the prime minister and then do “what is the best for all”.

The lawmaker from Patuakahli-3 (Golachipa-Dashmina) constituency conveyed his decision after meeting with the House Speaker hours after he had told the media that he would resign.

On Saturday, Rony beat up reporter Imtiaz Momin and cameraperson Mohsin Mukul, members of a team that produces a crime-investigative show, Talash, for private satellite television Independent TV, at his Topkhana Road office in the capital.

Emerging from the meeting with Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury Tuesday afternoon, Rony said: “I came to the Speaker to talk about the ideology and policies I’ve been following all these days.”

“I also came to inquire about what I should do if the parliament feels embarrassed due to my actions.”

He continued: “I am mentally prepared to resign right now on gentleman agreement if the party wants me to do so.”

According to the two assaulted journalists, they went to Rony’s office Saturday on receiving information that the lawmaker would receive a bribe of more than Tk 1 crore sent from Patuakhali.

Describing Saturday’s incident as a long-term conspiracy against him, the AL lawmaker said: “What I did was well within my rights of self-defence. I don’t think any of my actions was illegal.”

He said he would seek justice with the court regarding what happened.

Talking to The Daily Star earlier in the day, Rony said he had decided to resign amid growing criticism over assaulting the two Independent TV journalists.

“I have decided to resign. I will submit my resignation to the House Speaker in the afternoon,” he said then.

Earlier in the morning, Rony posted a status on his Facebook page Tuesday morning hinting that he might resign and “fight these conspiracies as a regular citizen”.

Independent TV filed a case against Rony and 20 others on Saturday for assaulting Imtiaz and Mohsin.

Meanwhile, Rony sued the two journalists saying that the journalists attacked him and tried to extort money from him.

Leaders of the ruling AL strongly condemned the attack on the Independent TV journalists, describing the incident as shameful and sad.

  • Faisal

    Current govt’s tenure expires in October anyway. He is trying to make a fool of us. He should also say that he will not stand in the next election.

  • nnworx

    Wait! Let me wake up. Resignation from
    an MP of the ruling party only a few months before election?? Are we in a twilight zone? Are we still living in Bangladesh? If Mr. Rony finally goes through with his resignation, I will have new found respect for him. I believe he would be the second MP to resign in my lifetime (Sohel Taj was first). The news of a Bangladeshi MP departing his position of power is just as fresh and rare as the arrival of a royal baby. Both are likely to sweep us off of our feet every 30 years if you do not consider what really happened with the resignation of Sohel Taj. Here is a possible twist though. Will Mr. Rony contest the next
    election independently? Or he will have a sheaf of paddy in his fist? Either way, I think he just became an exceptional example of real

  • Sheikh Monirul Islam, Opee

    No matter what the man has done and if he resigns from his parliamentary position, I think this simply should be a big welcome which many other political stalwarts should take as lesson. We welcome it and we respect his decision. Interestingly enough, now that we know why MP Roni is resigning, could we ask for the reason why Sohel Taj resigned? We heard there are some interesting story to tell too.

  • Sheikh Monirul Islam, Opee

    Wrong my friend; if he resigns and later come out as victorious in the coming election, he would become a hero. We wish to see that happen. However, I would rather put my support behind him to expose Baximco’s business dealing over the years since Salman F. Rahman & his bother took-over the helm 35 years ago, both fresh from the US management degrees. There are some pretty interesting story to tell there too. Baximco was at the forefront of corruption at all time and if I am not wrong…they are the pioneer. It will be a challenging task for MP Roni.

    • Rashed Sarwar

      Still does not justify beating up journalist. Also everyone a criminal in our country. you cant make a name for yourself unless you are one. It’s better to treat the cause of the disease than the symptoms.

  • Nasirullah Mridha,USA

    Rony could unmask the Beximco conspiracy by keep his MP post.If he can prove that Hasina’s adviser Salman F Rahman is trying to harm him politically and physically his integrity will go up sky high.But Rony has to prove that for his vociferous criticism against Salman on media for share scam make his life miserable.People will judge who is right and who is wrong?

  • Vikram Khan

    Our politicians are so predictable…

  • Enayet Sarwar

    and diplomacy attract temporary attention of general public particularly
    younger people. However it is not an appropriate way to reach the height in
    politics. Differences within a party are essential tools for healthy practice,
    but if the differences are used to attract general mass then the move may be of
    interesting for a temporary length of time, but may create a slippery slope to
    drive you to the bottom. On the other hand, the report published is, Roni MP
    has beaten the reporters. Now the essential questions are who were the reporters?
    How did they approach? Who they are working for? What were there plans? What
    exactly had happened? Do the reporters
    work for someone’s TV channel that had issues with Roni MP? These questions are
    not answered yet. Hence we general readers should not be tilted to any party.
    Let’s observe.

  • Akhtar Shah

    Oh what circus ! Oh what a show!, BD politics and corrupt power have gone to town… ,

    Sorry to be babbling .. just remembered an “Evita” song by David Essex!

  • Ahmed Zakaria

    Resign? I highly doubt that. Politicians in Bangladesh have yet to reach that level of self respect.