Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Savage attack by Shibir

Another cop in Rajshahi brutally assaulted; his gun, walkie-talkie taken away

Within 24 hours of hurling bombs at police, Islami Chhatra Shibir men yesterday unleashed a pre-planned attack on the law enforcers again, leaving four injured, one critically, and snatching a pistol, a walkie-talkie and a safety helmet.
Around 150 Shibir men arrived at Shalbagan in the city from different directions around 10:30am. About a dozen unsuspecting armed policemen were standing guard by the main road. In a flash, the Shibir men transformed themselves into a violent mob, unleashing a direct attack on the on-duty policemen, witnesses said.

Before the policemen could realise what was happening, the attackers hurled several powerful cocktails, spreading chaos and confusion in the area. The law enforcers, enveloped in thick smoke from the blasts, ran for cover firing rubber bullets at the attackers. But the attack was so intense that they could not hold ground for long, the witnesses added.

As the policemen tried to recover from the shock and confusion, the attackers showered them with brickbats, pinning down one of their colleagues on the main road Sub-inspector (SI) Jahangir Alam, the in-charge of Upashahar police camp and the team leader there.
The Shibir assailants took off Jahangir’s helmet and wrestled him down on the road. A Shibir man kept hitting him on the head with his helmet, said the police and witnesses.
As Jahangir fell on the ground, some Shibir men held him down, while others brought in a supply of bricks and hit Jahangir ruthlessly on the head.

When the brutal assault was seemingly over, the attackers pelted the helpless policeman with more brickbats. Profusely bleeding from his head injuries, Jahangir was lying unconscious on the road.
One of the attackers, wearing a red shirt, slipped his hand into the holster of the unconscious policeman and made away with the pistol. Another, wearing a blue T-shirt, left the scene with Jahangir’s helmet and walkie-talkie.
As Jahangir lay unconscious on the road, panicked residents, shopkeepers and pedestrians deserted the area. Suddenly, a young man and a woman rushed to the injured policeman, screaming for help.
The young man stopped a battery-operated three-wheeler, while the woman aided by a third person lifted the injured man onto the vehicle and took him to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital with the crushed head of the police officer on her lap.

At least four other policemen were also injured in the 30-minute-long Shibir mayhem, said SM Moniruzzaman, commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP).
RMCH neurosurgeon Dr Ekramullah said Jahangir needed several stitches for his head injuries. “He is still under observation, although he regained senses after treatment,” he added.
Of the other injured policemen, Shafikul Islam was admitted to RMCH, while Latifur Haider and Zakir Hossain were admitted to Police Lines Hospital after primary treatment at RMCH.
“We fired several shots from shotguns, but the attackers started blasting bombs one after another forcing us to look for shelter,” said Latifur who received splinters in the right hand.
“As we advanced to save sir [Jahangir], they blasted bombs targeting us,” said Shafikul who received several splinters also in the right hand.

Police arrested five Shibir men including one with a machete, said Ziaur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Boalia police. He said Shibir men had made the attack in a planned way.
Attacks on the police by Jamaat-Shibir across the country have been well planned and deliberate since war crimes convict Delwar Hossain Sayedee was given capital punishment on February 28.
Since then, eight policemen have been killed and 267 injured, 37 critically, in clashes with Jamaat-Shibir men across the country.
On Sunday, Shibir men in a hit-and-run attack hurled several bombs at the police in the city, severing the right wrist of an SI.

  • rashid

    But they don’t even look like Shibir members..

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    Thanks for your nice comment in this thread .

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    It is a shame to be a citizen of this ongoing terrorist country .

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    You are wrong. Can you mention any animal who behave like Shibir men?

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    It is the shame for all common citizen of Bangladesh, not the policy makers.

  • trybestone

    let the DS publish all the pictures of police killing and brutalities and than you will know who is committing more atrocities.

  • Mohd Shah Alam Khan, Canada

    Ms. Beauty thanks for your comment. I don’t understand your ideology because you started like a neutral person then you reach to your goal. I am none to advice you but just putting my comments because you address readers; Just try to understand that is AL, BNP Jamaat alliance are only two parties in Bangladesh who will be in power this way or that way. So whatever is happening is for their power hungriness. Both of them are now culprit but right now my judgement is Paki supporters like Jamaat Shibir, BNP, Jatiya Party (Ershad) are the enemy of Bangladesh and they are doing all these anarchy and terrorism whatever you say is by these groups directly or indirectly. The international powers are also involved directly or indirectly supporting them like USA not directly but through British, Pakistan and S. Arabia. It is not so easy to handle the situation easily; we are not a wealthy country so that USA will show their support. Yes we are market for India and Pakistan so these two countries will come straight to help us or destroy us. Please my suggestion to you for go through the real history of Indo Pak. Allah is great, Allah Varasha.

  • Sabina G

    This is what I told my mother when Bishwajit Das was killed. The camera man had time to take pictures but he didn’t have the time to call for help. What an irony !