Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Seasonal Bed dressing

Page 1703The bedroom probably reflects our deepest passions and our abiding interests more than any other room. Not that we don’t create stylish and inspiring kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and libraries in our homes- we do, and we do so with great dedication. Bedrooms are the rooms for relaxation. Therefore, the most important facet of their design is comfort. The room may focus on a bed or may be disguised as a sitting room but a soothing environment is the key to success.
When planning the bedroom, as with other rooms, functionality should be the first consideration. Since by definition, the primary use of the room is for sleeping, the decision should be made whether to disguise the bed and make the room appear as something else, such as a study, living-room, home gym. Or should the bed be featured as the central focus of the room?
There are many different types of beds available in the market, so you can choose as per your desire. Today our topic is on how we can change the looks of our beds for special occasions or different seasons. Echoing the changing seasons, this room has two personalities: one for warm weather and one for cool weather. You can reinvent a room without a lot of effort by simply focusing on accessories.
Page 1702In spring and summer, splashes of yellow and green refresh the room with a cool crisp style. A bedroom is a place for sleep, but it is also a room where you can be a little self-indulgent with your forms of decoration. Don’t just stick to the usual plain bed dressings, but instead use checks or stripes to add a simple yet eye-catching area of interest. In a bedroom a couple of large, square cushions and new throw will add an instant new look without the need to lift a paintbrush.
Your home is a reflection of yourself, so following your personal style will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable in it. Give any house a simple, airy feeling when you style it with a contemporary look. This means adding pure white to a pretty floral print so that the flowers are a charming accessory, not the overwhelming pattern.
Our bed linen designer suggested that we use simple floral prints and solid colour combinations for spring. She used lace, satin borders and decorative trimmings to accesorise. Blue floral prints were matched with blue solid skirt borders with satin trimmings while fresh green middle patches were used to uphold the look of spring.

Cool linen sheets and pillowcases are irresistibly inviting after a long day. Here, square pillowcases were trimmed with bold colour for a cozy effect. Teamed with a matching sheet and a simple gingham bedspread, they bring a charming air of simplicity to a bedroom.
You can change the atmosphere in a room with colour alone. It has a powerful effect on our moods. Warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges suggest passion and energy. Cool hues like blues, violets and greens encourage a mood of peace and calm. Different combinations of bed linens and wall colours can warm up or cool down the total effect, so choose the right one for your room.

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Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Photo Credit: Journeyman archive
Special thanks to: Mrs. Molly Basar