Published: Friday, July 26, 2013


Shudhu Shei Janey…on channel 9 tonight

tv watchSingle Episode TV Play “Shudhu Shei Janey” will go on air on channel 9 tonight at 9:15pm. Based on an unpublished novel by Moru Chatterjee, Jahir Raihan has written and directed the play.
The story of the TV play follows a sad feeling experienced by a father. The fatherly feeling is indescribable while his son keeps himself away from him. One may feel such only after being a father.
The cast of the play includes Tauquir Ahmed, Moushumi Hamid, Gupu Trivedi, Malay Bala and elocutionist Shimul Mustapha. Noted elocutionist Shimul Mustapha, for the first time, donned the role of a director while noted artists and teachers — GC Trivedi Gupu and Malay Bala — of the Department of Oriental Art of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University have enacted two central roles in the play.