Published: Sunday, April 7, 2013

Silly Tales

s01Choli Theorem

Two years ago, when I was in grade 9, I went through an extremely amusing 40 minutes. Our previous maths teacher left and a new teacher was to be appointed. Two teachers came in and one of them introduced himself to us while the other one took a seat. “I am Mina Razu. I teach you guyj ‘chets’ tonight.” Instantly, we all had tightened smiles, desperately waiting to break into laughter, but we controlled ourselves as much as possible. As soon as he began the lesson, we had a clear idea of the kind of English we’d have to bear with. He asked one of us to define a set. The boy who came first in class gave an answer, but it turned out to be wrong. Suddenly, our teacher said, ‘choli’. None of us understood what he meant. But this time, none of us could control ourselves and the whole classroom broke into laughter when we figured out that he was trying to say was ‘slowly’. In the meantime he kept saying ‘choli’ over and over again!

Mehdi Hasan
Loreeto School, Dhaka.


Intractable Laughters

s02When I was in grade 3, our jolliest teacher could crack the most capricious jokes. One day, I started off with the very appetite of his exuberant class. He started imposing humorous comments about different animals. Among them, the funniest one was about a goat. The idea of the goat made me roar with laughter. I could sense the pin drop silence in the class and 30 pair of eyes glancing at me. The next thing I saw was totally indescribable that made my blood run cold from terror. Our senior vice principal was standing right at the door with his angry red eyes staring directly at me. However, that day I was released without nothing more than a scolding but I was cautioned to never display this kind of behaviour in class. Apart from that I feel bad for my teacher because he also got into some trouble for creating an informal situation in class.

Mashruk Jahangir Anim
Scholastica School, Dhaka.


Greeting the New Girl

s03When we were in grade 7 and our new term just started, we got into class and were prepared for a new year ahead- same old friend, same old teachers, just a new year and new things to study. While we were unpacking our bags and waiting for our teacher to come and start the lesson, someone we had never seen before walked in. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties and was wearing a hijab. We instantly thought she was a new teacher or a substitute teacher, so we all stood up to greet her and, in chorus, said ‘Goodmorning miss!’ She stared at us all, confused while our actual teacher walked in behind her laughing and said, “Girls, this is your new classmate- Zanifeer.” We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves while the new girl joined in!

Nafisa Tarannum
Bangladesh International School, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia.