Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Special offer at Pizza Inn

Page 302On Saturday, 2 March, Pizza Inn introduced three dishes to its menu to honour Women’s Day. The new items are the ‘Sausage Crust Pizza’, ‘Crispy Chicken Strips’ and ‘Special Burger’. Both the Gulshan and Uttara branches of Pizza Inn will feature these new additions. The cheese used in the pizzas are imported from America, and of very good quality. All female customers availed a 20 per cent discount on Women’s Day (8 March). If you think you have lost your chance, think again because on Independence Day (26 March) all customers will get a 26 per cent discount on their a-la-carte menu.
Prices: Burger with French fries and soft drinks: Tk.295; Crispy Chicken Strips with French fries and soft drinks: Tk.275; Pizza (medium): Tk.295; Pizza (big): TK.315.