Published: Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Standing on flats

Page 1501Heels are probably one of the best of man’s inventions. Countless women all across the world will concur, including most men, other than those who have certain reservations regarding the matter due to their compromised inches in the height department. That being said, most if not all of those countless women will admit that while heels may be the best in terms of look and boosting your confidence, they certainly are not the most comfortable to wear.
So there are the less hurtful and immensely comfortable flat slippers and sandals. Although such forms of footwear tend to be extremely casual and are usually worn to casual outings or a day out at the beach in other countries, the story is a little different here. While in a lot of the other parts of the world women would be mortified at the very notion of wearing open sandals, let alone ones that are flat, to the office or a party, those in this part of the world have fewer reservations regarding the topic.
Despite the fact that wearing flat sandals to the office or to a party does not look very formal, one can always select their footwear right to make them look fashionable and semi-formal too. Nowadays, trendy flats are available all over the market. If you are not a fan of the ones with belts, get the ones with a single, thick horizontal strap near the toes with a dummy buckle on the side or in a single colour and in a patterned material such as replica snake or crocodile skin.
Try not to go for ones with beads on them, since these look very casual and should be limited to casual outings. Instead, you could pick ones with crystals set on them. Swarovski crystal embedded accessories are at their peak now with all the top brands of watches releasing women’s models with these embedded; however, make sure that you do not go overboard with it.
If belts and closed sandals are not an issue for you, the market is flooded with chic options. You may try sandals with thick straps of solid colours on a contrasting sole. Sandals with single-coloured stones embedded on solid coloured straps look very sophisticated as well, such as blue stones imitating turquoise on a beige base.
When choosing flats that have stones and crystals on them make sure to take a look at the soles. If these sandals have a rubbery or spongy sole, stay away since stones and crystals on rubber soles are the recipe for a fashion faux pas. In fact, stay away from rubbery-soled flats altogether unless you are planning a holiday, going to the kitchen market or running around your home in your pajamas.
If you are at a loss about where to find the right flats, just take a trip to any of the popular shopping malls in the city. Most malls have numerous shoe stores which carry a huge range from Bangkok and China, and you can grab a pair at around Tk.800-1200, depending on your bargaining skills. Ones with stones and crystals will cost higher. You may also drop by at the branded shoe stores if bargaining does not appeal to you and you are okay with parting with a slightly larger amount for a pair.
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Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Product: Ena La Mode