Published: Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tarique conspiring against country: Hanif


 Mahbubul Alam Hanif

Mahbubul Alam Hanif

Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif on Saturday alleged BNP Senior Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman is hatching a conspiracy to hinder the country’s democratic progress.    

“This is sad that he is engaged in a conspiracy against the country and that is why he is staying in London on an expired parole,” said Hanif, a special assistant to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Speaking at a press conference at the party chief’s political office in Dhanmondi in the capital, the AL leader said Tarique is a “fugitive in the eye of laws”.

“No matter whoever his (Tarique) father or mother is, law will take its own course and none will be spared,” Hanif warned.

Hanif said Tarique should come back to the country and face the charges at courts if he dares.

  • Chengdola

    Mr. Hanif, the most dangerous crime that I believe AL did is not to complete the trail of 21st August against Tarik and Khaleda. If your government did that 2 years ago, these two dangerous criminal would already be in the condemned cell waiting for the Manila rope and the nation would have moved on with great clarity and this country would have completely destroyed any semblance of war criminals, reactionaries, and the anti liberation forcers. Secondly, when all the BNP leaders were arrested, the non completion of speedy trail for terrorism is another goat-like action of AL government that made the current bad situation for the country. You did not eliminate all the criminals and when you do not, what happens is that the criminals become powerful and now the entire country is at stake.

    • Anon

      lol you made me laugh. If AL had enough proof they would have already done that.

      Just like BNP made up joj mia to politically divert the case away from BNP (cause some BNP men were probably involved and Tareq found out or knew about it) same way AL put Khaleda’s name in the case and tried to gain political advantage against her to try and accomplish their BAKSHAL rule.

      This is just dirty politics from both sides using people’s lives.
      I feel sorry for people who blindly supports any of these two morally bankrupt parties and apparently you are one of them.

  • progressiveBG

    Tarique Rahman was let go under false pretext of treatment to London by Awami League and their clear and direct interference with the independence of judiciary of Bangladesh . That reflect how weak the leadership of Awami League. A man, no matter who he maybe, once accuse of massive crime must not be treated as a prince.

    • Anon

      AL didnot have concrete evidence. I am pretty sure that the HUJI guy would have said in HC that he was tortured by police to say Tareqs name and the whole case would fall apart. Instead they made it linger. They had to let tareq go because BNP still has a huge following (even after loosing last election badly BNP got more then 2.2cr vote & AL 3.3cr) keeping tareq in BD jail without proper proof of his guilt would have given him more courage to says all cases against him r false…