Published: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Gregs pull out

First Division champions the Gregs have pulled out of the Citycell Premier Division Basketball League alleging the tournament committee of favouring the stronger teams.
The newly promoted club sent a letter to the Bangladesh Basketball Federation (BBF), confirming they would no longer be taking part in the meet.
The Gregs complained, as per tradition they should have played against last year’s runners-up the Gregarious and champions Europa Youth on the first two days of the meet. They said they would have had a great chance against these sides had they met them earlier because they had the foreign players already in the side while Gregarious and Europa were only beginning foreign recruitments now.
The BBF however denied the accusation saying that the schedule was prepared in a way so that the big teams would face at a later stage so that the competitiveness stayed till the end.