Published: Thursday, May 30, 2013


The Nightmare

Page_203A loud noise woke me up. I jumped out of bed to see what it was. The sound came from the kitchen. It was a loud crash. I tiptoed to the kitchen, opened the door and saw someone. I thought it was my father because he often gets hungry at night. When he turned around, I saw a hideous face. It wasn’t my father, it was…A ZOMBIE!! I quickly closed the door. I thought it was my imagination. It saw my little eye peeping through the hole. It headed towards the door. I felt so scared that I ran to my room, tucked myself in bed and acted that I was sleeping. I heard the zombie walking. I didn’t close the door completely, because if I did, it would make a sound and the zombie would know I was awake. It came to my room by breaking the whole door. I felt really scared, I screamed, I panicked! The zombie came close to me, opened its mouth and…CHOMP! Later on it turned out to be a dread. Everything was the way it was, even the bedroom door! And that’s how the story ends. Goodnight everybody…CHOMP!!!

Class: 2, Sunbeams School