Published: Sunday, April 28, 2013

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To Think Positive

Film Actress Eamin Haque Bobby talks to Rakibul Hasan

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

I grew up in a very disciplined house where there was a ‘right’ way of doing everything. Since most of my family members were teachers, we had a particular routine that needed to be followed. Starting from eating, studying to playing, everything had to be done within the designated hours. I went to Manipur School, Dhaka, an institution reputed for its strict rules and regulations. So, just like home there was hardly any scope of any form of monkey business in school. As a student I was quite an attentive one and my grades were good too. Unlike many other students, I never got to know how it felt to bunk classes. There was only one time, when I got admonished by my teachers for wearing nail polish and for putting on makeup to school!

I have been a movie buff from a very young age. Even during vacations, when my friends would like to hang out or travel to places, I would lock myself in my room and go for a movie spree. Maybe my love for movies inspired me to become an actress later on. I can remember spending hours acting out my favourite scenes from movies in front of the mirror.

Soon after passing my SSC exams I grew an interest for modeling and auditioned for some ad agencies. I performed in some television commercials and all my work got highly appreciated.  Graduating from school, I got myself admitted into Adamjee Cantonment College. I was a Science student and pressure from studies were tremendous. So, I continued with my modeling career intermittently. At first my parents were not very pleased with the idea of me becoming a model. But eventually I was successful at convincing them that this was something I was really passionate about. I also performed in some TV plays by this time.

After college I pursued my BBA from East West University. It was also the time when I entered the world of big screen for the first time. My first performance was in a movie in the year 2010. It was the blockbuster ‘Khoj: the search’ where I played the character of an international spy. To work in movies was very different and far more exciting than any other media. I believe motion picture is one of the best media to represent a country. However, it pains me to see the sorry state of our present day film industry and how people in our country like to have certain pre-conceived notions about movie actors.

I want to improve myself as an actor in future. I hope that our film industry regains its lost glory and all the prejudices about movie actors are wiped out. Recently, my latest film ‘Dehorokkhi’ was released in the cinema halls and I hope it would be a success with the audience.  Here, I portrayed the character of a painter. I think one of the perks of working in movies is the opportunity of playing versatile and exciting characters.

I understand that all of us want to flourish in life. However, one must strive to succeed in life. I think the only way to stay put in life is to think positive and take things easily. If you stay committed and work hard, there could be no force in the world which can hold you back from success.