Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tomorrow is 11/12/’13

SEQUENTIAL dates, like that of 11 December, 2013 (11/12/13) hold special fascination and significance to many of us. It’s the uniqueness of these dates — with the number of days, months and years all set in a sequence — that make them so magical. The sheer typography makes us skip a heartbeat if noticed suddenly.
What is it with these numbers? Well, of course it’s not the dates themselves, it’s our romantic side and how we perceive things that make them significant.
If you think of it, it even depends on how you write the date, which, in turn, depends on your country, culture, school, etc. To illustrate, many people write the number of months first and the number of days second. Hence, 11 December, 2013 will be written by many people as 12/11/13, destroying the sequence and making it less special!
12 November, 2013 was a special date as well — only for those cultures who write in the month-day-year format instead of day-month-year format — making the date read 11/12/13.
Irrespective of the interesting cultural differences that go to the extent of the format of writing dates, it can’t be denied that across numerous cultures this trend of celebrating sequential dates is very evident.
Many people believe 11/12/13 (or any such sequential date for that matter) to be auspicious. The number of wedding ceremonies sees an upsurge in sequential dates. Or, another reason for this pressure on wedding chapels on such dates is that the couples think that these dates are easier to remember by all!
As for you, make sure to celebrate tomorrow with your loved ones. Many fail to see the charm of such a day. But the point is that you shouldn’t need any excuse to feel happy and have fun with your friends anyway.
Interesting number-settings are everywhere. Here’s an astounding coincidence: 14 March — the 14th day of the 3rd month — 3.14 that is, is the value of Pi, a universally and historically held mysterious, omnipresent number. Guess whose birthday it is? Albert Einstein.
Returning to tomorrow’s date, if only 3 numbers isn’t impressive enough, throw in some more. At 8 hours, 9 minutes and 10 seconds the time and date will be 8.9.10am 11/12/’13. And, the icing of the cake is that tomorrow’s sequential date is the last one in this century. Make it count!