Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

US worried at violence

Expressing concern at the recent acts of violence that have caused deaths and damage to property, US Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena yesterday said violence is not the way to express views.
The United States is sad about the loss of lives and property and concerned about the attacks on Hindu temples and homes, he said, adding the government should endeavour to ensure their safety.
Mozena made the remarks at a press meet with a select group of journalists at the American Centre in the capital yesterday morning.
Replying to a question, he said the banning of Jamaat is an issue the authorities concerned will deal with. He, however, mentioned that Jamaat is a registered party having members in parliament.
Mozena has recently returned from a three-week visit to the US. Speaking about his meetings there, he said people asked him about the Shahbagh movement, trial of war criminals and the prevailing political situation in Bangladesh.
The US envoy said of the movement, “It’s an example of people’s peaceful manifestation to express their views in public. It’s an important part of democracy.”
In reply to a query about the trial of war criminals, the US ambassador said the US supports the trial. “The trial must be fair, transparent and maintain domestic and international standards.”
The US believes the major parties would find a way to hold free, fair and credible elections, Mozena noted. “We are prepared to support the election process by providing technical support, like registering voters and sending election observers,” he added.

  • Zman7

    When many nonnative friends of Bangladesh , including US Ambassador Dan Mozena upholds such values that violence is not the way to express views, I wonder why can’t the leaders of Bangladesh, particularly the opposition leaders, continuously fail to understand it. The leaders of the main opposition party and its ally need to understand that hartal or any protest movements are people’s democratic right, but cocktail attacks or arson attacks on private and public properties, attacking minority religious communities or general public and the law enforcers are not the expressions of realizing democratic rights.