Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chavez Death Controversy

Venezuela to probe murder plot charges

Venezuela to probe murder plot chargesVenezuelan officials said they will set up an inquiry to investigate suspicions that President Hugo Chavez was murdered by foreign agencies.
Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez told the BBC the United States and Israel were to blame for Chavez’s death.
He said he hoped the special commission would provide evidence.
Chavez himself suggested he might have been injected by “foreign imperialist forces” after discovering he had cancer in 2011.
On an interview with BBC Mundo in Caracas, Ramirez said he had no doubt that Chavez’s death was an act of confrontation and similar to Yasser Arafat’s.
On the day Chavez died, the Vice-President Nicolas Maduro also likened his case to the death of the Palestinian leader.
Venezuelan official rhetoric against the United States has stepped up since last Tuesday.
Hours before announcing the death of the leader, Maduro said live on state television that a plot to “destabilise Venezuela” had been foiled.
He also said two US military attaches were being ordered out, accusing them of involvement in the alleged conspiracy.
Maduro said that one day a scientific commission would prove that Chavez’s cancer had been “injected by imperialist forces”.
On Monday, the US expelled two Venezuelan diplomats following the expulsion of their officials from Caracas.
The Venezuelans were asked to leave a day after President Chavez’s funeral, US officials said.
The two countries have not had ambassadors in each other’s capitals since 2010.