Published: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Health informatics

Why do we need to invest in health informatics

Many clinical, business and national information related challenges in healthcare can now be efficiently and effectively addressed using Healthcare Information and Communication technology (HICT).
There are many direct clinical quality challenges as well as some other extremely important quality and universal care challenges that could be solved using HICT. It is plays an ever-greater role in the care of patients and healthy people. Some components of HICT have significantly improved the quality of health care and reduced medical errors.
Continuing to use paper records places patients at risk for harm and less than optimal management and substantially constrain any country’s ability to reform health care.
In Bangladesh, the general understanding is that healthcare quality is not good, but it would certainly intrigue our conscientious minds if we knew the magnitude quantitatively. Rather than debating, it is more important to learn from others and do what we need to do to improve ourselves measurably while being realistic.
There is no silver-bullet, but many challenges of health sector and more can be mitigated to a great extent by HCIT in an eHealth environment.
Bangladesh can also achieve overall efficiency and effectiveness by implementation of HICT. Acting on these is imperative and urgent. Should we be far behind in this revolution?

The writer is the President & CEO of Informatica-Health, USA & eHEALTH SOLUTIONS, Bangladesh. E-mail: