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Hope for Bangladesh
Bali Package

Hope for Bangladesh

THE Ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) ended on December 7 in Indonesia with approval of a significant “BALI Package.” 159 member countries came to a consensus that would allow duty-free access of a country’s exports to

Of rights and pay checks

Of rights and pay checks

THE twin disasters of Rana Plaza and Tazreen were a wakeup call, not just for the 5,000-factory strong sector but the government too. There have been talks and roadmaps agreed upon to improving working conditions, fire safety, compliance on building


Blockade is ruining trade

Exports take nosedive

THE blockade of Dhaka enforced by the 14-party alliance is playing havoc with export-oriented industries as goods produced have no way of reaching the port city for shipment out of the country. The largest foreign exchange earning sector, the readymade

Smoke rises from a building that houses apparel factories of Standard Group in Konabari, Gazipur, yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon

Workers set RMG factories on fire

Rumour of 2 workers' death in police action prompts attack; 13 lorries loaded with export items torched

Enraged by a rumour that police killed two factory staff, garment workers torched six units of an apparel maker of repute in Konabari of Gazipur early yesterday causing a massive damage worth hundreds of crore taka. Witnesses said in the

In defense of BGMEA

AFTER the tragedy of Tazreen Fashion and Rana Plaza, it is understandable that the dominant feeling of indignation in us is very much against BGMEA. There is this perception about the RMG industry, that it is oppressive bourgeois on one

Biting the hand that feeds

WE have yet again shown our true colours, and this time by attacking the motorcade carrying a group of Spanish RMG buyers. It’s the timing of the grisly incident that is of grave concern. Just when two groups of retailers


ILO’s welcome recipe

All concerned need to pay heed

IN a new ILO report titled Bangladesh: Seeking better employment conditions for better socioeconomic outcomes, the UN agency has spelled out a recipe for far-reaching measures for realising the full potential of Bangladesh garments sector. Recent accidents including Rana Plaza


Violence at Gazipur

Last thing RMG sector needs

THE garments sector has been beset with one problem after another since the Rana Plaza collapse. Labour unrest refuses to go away despite a landmark deal that brought owners and the unions to the negotiating table and wage board announcing


RMG buyers getting nervous

Bangladesh's avoidable image crisis

THE ongoing political crisis in the country has sent entirely the wrong signal to many foreign readymade garments buyers. Outbound shipment of finished goods has taken a major hit since Chittagong port has been adversely affected during recent hartals. While


RMG workers’ wage

BGMEA should accept recommendation

NOTWITHSTANDING opposition from the BGMEA, the wage board made public its recommendation for minimum wage in the sector to be Tk5,300. This brings to a close months of wrangling between workers’ association and the BGMEA. Both sides have made significant


Lockdown hurts international trade

RMG sector faces the brunt

THE 60-hour nationwide hartal enforced by the opposition 18-party alliance has come to an end. It has cost the economy dearly. With public transportation, be it road, rail, water or air, coming to a standstill, neither import nor export of


ILO speaks up

Make every effort to improve image

DISMAYED at Tuesday’s fire in a Gazipur composite textile mill that claimed seven lives, ILO has observed that enough has not been done to ensure safety of workers in Bangladesh garment factories. Given the history of our tragedy-stricken garment industry

Rooppur is far from Rana Plaza and Tazreen Fashion

Rooppur is far from Rana Plaza and Tazreen Fashion

ROOPPUR is far away from Rana Plaza and Tazreen Fashion in respect of safety features, security and protection system. The owners of Rana Plaza and Tazreen fashion constructed the factory buildings without obeying the building codes. Rana Plaza building was


IMF comes calling

Potential for growth underscored

RODRIGO Cuberto, chief of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission to Dhaka has conveyed both good and bad tidings to Bangladesh. The RMG sector was singled out as providing the best opportunity in the near term for the country to

Saving the RMG sector

Saving the RMG sector

THE ready-made garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh is at a crossroads. The long term sustainability of the sector can be called into question. It has now become extremely important to take immediate measures to safeguard the sector that makes a


RMG factories shut for minister’s rally

A day written off unnecessarily

NEARLY 400 garment factories had to close down abruptly on Saturday because of a RMG workers rally called by a federation of trade unions in the garment sector. And the minister of shipping happens to be the president of the

Int’l buyers won’t leave Bangladesh

With knitwear exports of over $2 billion a year, India’s garment manufacturing hub Tirupur has earned the nickname “Dollar City,” but its allure for price-conscious global retailers obsessed by discounts of as little as one US cent pales before Bangladesh.

Bangladesh's RMG

US retailers set factory safety plan

Seventeen leading US and Canadian clothing retailers announced yesterday a programme to enforce safer conditions for workers in Bangladesh garment plants, after the collapse of a factory building killed more than 1,100. The retailers, led by Walmart and Gap, called

The Rana Plaza collapse, which claimed at least 1,132 lives, was one of the world’s worst industrial disasters. Star file photo

70 retailers to inspect RMG units

A mostly European consortium of 70 retailers and apparel brands has agreed to inspect within nine months all Bangladeshi garment factories that supply the companies, reported New York Times. In a plan to be announced on Monday, the companies agreed