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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 1 | August 6, 2006 |


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Campus Culture

“SCAPIN”- annual production of NSUCDC

Rumana Malik Munmun

The moment I entered the green room I was blasted away by the full volume of music. Leandre(Kamran), Jeronte(Jubair), Scapin(Romel) were warming themselves up. Octave(Naieem) was waiting for Zebinette's(Naima) make-up to complete. Sylvestre(Boby) was sometimes sitting with Nerine(Nira)and sometimes with Hyachinth(Shukrana/Azrina) and Argente(Zayed) was setting his moustache. This place was full of life and mirth. On the other side, the director was sitting isolated and watching the assistant directors who were checking out lights with the actors. Some of the club members were worried would the show go on smoothly?

A way of life

Elita Karim

EYES shut tight, you relax your muscles and let your body go limp. Ignoring the everyday accumulation of the nitty-gritty inconveniences in life, smoothening up the knotted tension cramped in your muscles and feeling absolutely free for probably the first time in your short-lived life, you let yourself fall from a height and fly. You feel yourself falling backwards, down and suddenly two pairs of arms catch hold of you, preventing you from falling on the ground and hurting yourself. You quickly come to your senses and open your eyes to find several young boys and girls clapping in delight and hooting encouragement. You smile at yourself for finally succeeding the 'Trust Game' that is just one of the many games played by the members of North South University Cine and Drama Club. “It's more than just a game,” says Monowar Kabir, one of the senior members of this club and also the Former President of NSUCDC. “It's one of several exercises that help us generate self-confidence, trust in our fellow members, energy from within and grow stronger in every aspect.”

Campus Theatre Education

Ershad Kamol

THE history of theatre education in Bangladesh is interrelated with the introduction of neo-theatre movement, which began soon after our Liberation War. Formal theatre education was introduced as a branch of Department of Fine Arts of Chittagong University in the '80s. In 1987, Jahangirnagar University introduced Department of Drama and Dramatics. Later, theatre troupe Theatre established 'Theatre School' in 1990. Dhaka University introduced theatre as a course of MA programme of Department of Bangla soon after it introduced Department of Theatre and Music. Today it offers graduation and masters courses on theatre. Later, other theatre organisations introduced different courses on theatre. So, it is evident that there are two types of theatre education programmes continuing in Bangladesh-formal and non-formal.

BUET Drama Society has come a long way


THE BUET Directorate of Student Welfare (DSW) acts as the central support for the clubs and organisations on campus. Its role includes supervising and providing assistance with program planning and implementation. The clubs and organisations at BUET span a wide range of interests that cover sports, music, literature, recreation, culture, and social issues.


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