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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 1 | August 6, 2006 |


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Foreign Students Speak

Glad to be in Bangladesh

Salim Hosny Salim Qannita

Being away from the home and the family is a hard thing for any one of us. It was a long journey from Palestine and for the first time for me. Leaving my motherland behind and going through the borders of Israel with fear and hope was a tough experience.

From Egypt the plane took off and flied far to the east and landed at Zia International airport. I found myself first time in Bangladesh.

I came here for study purpose to find myself among my Bangladeshi and foreigner brothers in Dhaka University.

Hosny, second from left, with his friends

It was a little bit difficult for me to adjust with the environment but it was not for long because of the hospitality of the people of Bangladesh.

I still remember the first time in the class, and by the way I was the only foreigner in the department, I was nervous and shy in the beginning, but I could never imagine that my classmates will greet me with their open arms and smiles on their beautiful faces.

It's not only the university folks but now I know so many people outside the campus. I have developed deep friendship with many of them. They introduced me to the various facets of Bangladeshi culture such as the dresses, customs, festivals and the general life style. Manik, this lovely guy who considers me as his brother, I still remember when I visited him for the first time I was silent for the whole time and I could not say any word, I did not know what to say, but after that day Manik and his family treated me as one of their family. Really I'm proud to be a member of his family, especially his mother who treats me like her son.

One of my classmates Jamie, helps me a lot in the class. He provides me with things I need for my academic purpose and we enjoy studying together.

Sumi, Munni, Nooha, Pony, Arif, Bijly, Erfan, Mahbub, and dearest friend Khalid , have etched their name in my heart forever.

My friends are very special to me and are very helpful.

It's really hard to be away from the family, but it's very nice to be in another place where all the people are like your extended family.

Yes, I am glad to be in Bangladesh.


Salim Hosny Salim Qannita from Palestine is a student of Department of InternationalRelations Dhaka University

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