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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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Campus Spotlight

Photo by K.A Safatul Huq
This week's Star Campus spotlight is on the photography clubs of various universities and institutes. The members of these clubs are taking part in competitions at home and abroad and winning prizes. The educational institutes that are providing necessary support to such clubs deserve special mention.
In this issue we have covered the activities of some of the photography clubs. We intend to cover activities of clubs of other educational institutes and photography institutes in one of our future issues.
So long it was unknown to us how much of good work the talented students have done in the past years. Star Campus endeavours to let the readers have a glimpse of some of the work.

Lenses at work at the East West University

The East West University Cine and Photography Club (CPC) was formed in 2000. The moderator of the club is Md. Zakaria Masud, lecturer of the BBA department. Current president of the club is Nafisa Nur-e-Sabah.

Click your way to fame

Elita Karim

In the last decade, North South University did not only create a strong platform for quality private education, the establishment also encouraged students to get involved in various extra curricular activities, which goes on even now. The students of NSU have excelled in the fields of theatre, music, debate, public speaking, establishing business strategies and also photography.

A window to see the world

Insia Ishtiaq Juhi

A feeling of missing something gave birth to an idea and with the permission of the authorities it turned into reality --the APC -- AIUB Photography Club. The story behind APC is something like this: A student who was an admirer of photography and had some knowledge, found some people of same interest in the university.

Pathshala: a modern institute for photography


The South Asian Institute of Photography's Pathshala was formed with the image of open education where students would be able to explore, question, argue and reason with the help of their teachers.

A passionate photographer's profile

Arif Ashraf Nayan

Saud Al Faisal is one of the pioneers who contributes to institutionalise photography in private university sector. He is the founder of the NSUPC ( North South University Photography Club) which is among the leading photography clubs in Bangladesh.

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