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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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Campus Spotlight

Lenses at work at the East West University

Towsif Osman

The East West University Cine and Photography Club (CPC) was formed in 2000. The moderator of the club is Md. Zakaria Masud, lecturer of the BBA department. Current president of the club is Nafisa Nur-e-Sabah. There are only 6 executive members as most of the senior members and executives have graduated and left the university. The club is currently in its re-organizing stage as many of its members have also left. The acting General Secretary, Raihan Quadir, said they have lost many active members because of the graduation. However, they are trying to bring the club in action by organising an exhibition this December. Worth mentioning is that Raihan is currently in charge of almost all the responsibilities of the club and is activities. The club held a month-long workshop last month that consisted of four lecture sessions and two field trips. The ex-President of the club won the 2nd prize in two categories in the international Inter-University Photography competition in 2005. CPC is considered one of the best photography clubs among the private universities. Visit the club site www.ewucpc.net to know more about some of the great works.

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