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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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Campus Spotlight

Pathshala: a modern institute for photography


The South Asian Institute of Photography's Pathshala was formed with the image of open education where students would be able to explore, question, argue and reason with the help of their teachers. The conceptual absence of classroom walls means that diploma and degree students will often attend the same classes and work together on collaborative projects with each student getting different things out of the course depending on their own inputs and skill.

The institution started in 1998 as an educational wing of Drik Picture Library Ltd., a socially conscious photo resource centre. Within a short time Pathshala became a centre of excellence in photography attracting students from all over the world. World Press Photo is a partner from the very beginning.

Pathshala offers the following study programmes:
1. Six-week basic course in
2. One-year diploma course
3. Two-year advanced diploma
4. Three-year degree course

The institution is affiliated with UK's Sunderland University. Teachers are local academics and professionals as well practicing photographers based in different parts of the world. Students also benefit from a rigorous regimen of workshops held in conjunction with national and international partner organisations.

Pathshala's curriculum is designed in such a way that after graduation students can move into full-time employment at the highest levels of the profession.

Pathshala Campus
Pathshala operates from a campus situated on Panthapath near Dhanmondi in the centre of the city. The institute consists of a computer centre with full internet access, a studio, a darkroom, and a fully automated colour printing and processing lab. A self-contained guesthouse for international students and visiting lecturers is also located within the campus premises.

Muhtochokh Camera Club
The club members are basically some former and current students of Pathshala. The club organises and observes various events like exhibitions, outing, workshops, rallies, day observations etc. At the moment there are 75 members in the club. Contact: www.pathshala.net

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