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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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Foreign Visit

One step ahead in globalisation

Didarul Alam Sunny

AIUB has opened the new door for the students to get access to the global village by organising study tours. It is helping the students to understand foreign cultures, business practices, and global opportunities which are waiting for them in the real world.

AIUB has started to organise study tour to China, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They have already organised two tours to Singapore, where almost 55 students have successfully made their trip. There they went to the different leading corporations, business organisations, and universities in Singapore and participated in seminars and corporate presentations.

On the very first trip they have visited NUS (National University of Singapore) and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). The students also went to the under water world and in the beach of Sentosa Island. Singapore has always been a shoppers' paradise and the students were totally lost in the huge shopping centres like Sim Lim square, Mustafa and Orchard road.

On the second trip students went to the JTC, NTU (Nanyang University of Technology), and the Creative Resource plant.

In Nanyang University of technology which is ranked number 98th university in the MBA ranking, the students attended a presentation where the MBA Director had delivered his speech on the university. After the presentation, a campus tour was organised by the University.

In Jurong Town Corporation the students had been welcomed by the Human Resource Head of the organisation. Here she had organised a tour where she talked about the activities of Jurong and its' contribution behind the success of Singapore.

On the very last day they visited the famous Creative Resources where the students were welcomed by Lew Kee Keong, Assoc, Manager, and Product Marketing. The students had attended a presentation given by Lew. From where they have got ideas about the business practices and polices of Creative Resources.

Shortly, AIUB is going to organize another study tour to China the fastest booming economy in the world. This will be a 21 days tour which is sponsored by the famous Chinese university Gjing University. There the students from AIUB will help to improve the interpersonal skills of the students of China. The students from AIUB who will show their potentiality might be offered jobs by the university.

In the modern competitive world students need to broaden their horizon by improving their intellectual faculty and it can be enhanced by international exposure. To move with the twenty first century we should have a broader knowledge base and this process is facilitated by AIUB by providing the students with opportunity for foreign study tours.

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