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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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Life in Campus

TARC- once in a lifetime

Nazia Ahmed

It was my second semester in BRAC University, and my senior friends have been trying their level best to convince me that I would like it in Savar, and make good friends, and would do just fine without them.

The real taste of campus…

Irtiza A. Farooq

Whenever my parents or any other parents talked about our universities, they always say one thing…."You kids would not believe how cool campus life was! We would do anything to go back to those couple of years." This is the point when we in fact get jealous of our parents.

In search of ‘water’!

Insia Ishtiaq Juhi

The first day of each semester is usually full of fun for all of us due to the sole reason: re-union of friends after a long vacation.


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