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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 2 | August 13, 2006 |


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News Room

NSU Computer Club Soft Fair ends
The North South University Computer Club (NSUCC) of North South University had organised 3-day Soft Fair 2006 at Bashundhara City from 3 August to 5 August. The fair was titled "Entrance to Meet the Forthcoming technology". NSU Vice-chancellor Dr. Hafiz GA Siddiqi inaugurated the 7th fair. Club members, faculty members, students, visitors and officials were present on the occasion.
British Council holds first computer-based examination
The British Council conducted computer-based Association of Chartered Certificate Accounts (ACCA) examination for the first time in Bangladesh. In all, 22 candidates took part in the examination. The examination was developed by ACCA as part of their e-mail business strategy. The benefits of computer-based examination are flexibility and instant results.
Intra-University debate contest ends
The second Intra-University debate competition - 2006 organised by BCG Trust University in Chittagong came to and end on 6 August. The 4th batch BBA snatched the top prize by winning the competition. The 5th batch BBA became runner-up.
Academic programme launched by LCLBT
London College of Law, Business and Technology (LCLBT) launched its academic programme in Bangladesh. This institute offers courses on various subjects including law, business, technology and media.
Indonesian scholarship for Bangladeshi students
The Government of Indonesia has offered for the first time a number of scholarships for meritorious students from Bangladesh. The scholarships will be offered for Post Graduate (Master Degree), Non-Degree Plus (Undergraduate) and Non-Degree (Undergraduate) Programme for the academic year 2006-2007.

Management Week 2006 celebrated amidst fanfare

Mainul Hassan & Tazmia Islam Nion

DU Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.M.A Faiz at the inaugural ceremony with other teachers

The Department of Management Studies of Dhaka University observed the Management Week-06 from July 30 to August 3 with great fanfare. There will be another big event on 13 August. It was a relief for them to be away from class routine, examinations and all that stuff. The entire programme was co-coordinated by Mosaraf Hussain. As said, the main objectives of the programme were to provide opportunity for the students so that they may have some fun.

The ceremony was inaugurated by DU Vice Chancellor Prof. SMA Faiz as chief guest. Professor A.F.M Yusuf Haider, pro-VC, Professor Syed Abul kalam Azad, treasurer, Dean Professor Serajul Islam also attended and spoke as special guest in the inauguration session. Chairman of the department Professor Abu Saleh presided over as the president. The inauguration session was followed by a colorful rally.

The students of the department thoroughly enjoyed the week and participated in every program with great enthusiasm.

MBA Completion Ceremony
The students of 6th batch of the department organised colourful programmes on the occasion. The event started with cutting a cake and then bringing out a rally. Then after the inaugural session a cultural prgramme was presented.

The cultural programme featured Beauty and Fashion Show, Talk Show, presentation of jokes, recitation and a drama. After the programme the popular music Band Dol Chhut performed in an unplugged concert and sang some of their hit numbers like Bioscope, Bazi, Gari Chole Na. The event wrapped up with Sona Bondhu Tui Amare Korlire Dewana.

Workshop on localisation at BRAC University

Colour of friendship on Friendship Day

Md. Lutful Hoque Khan

6th August was the International Friendship Day. On that day some of my friends of Finance
Department of Dhaka University (Liton, Rifat, Mithila, Razia, Shantanu, Shuvo, Shozib, Arefin and myself) arranged a adda to discover the meaning of friendship and all about Friendship Day at “Campus Shadow.”
At first I said, “To me friendship means faith, honesty and transparency. What do you think, friends?”
Rifat said “Friendship is nothing but sum total of feeling towards some one we trust.”
Shuvo said “Friendship is nothing but understanding.”
Shantanu said, “Friendship is giving company in good days and to stay beside in times of danger.”
Mithila said, “Friendship is that kind of a bond which can't be measured by any scale.”
It was my turn. “Ok, if this is true, is there any need for a Friendship Day?
There was noisy protest against my words.

Rifat is more or less a pious man. He said, “For every good thing there is an occasion. Allah has made the universe because he had made the spirit of Hazrat Muhammad. We can enjoy and do fun everyday, but there is a specific Eid day for the Muslims. There may be no need of giving flower and gift. But we need this day to celebrate.

Razia interrupted and said” Mithila has given me a gift today. It may not be possible for her to give it in another time. This is nothing but a sign of friendship.

Shozib said, “But we should try to make every single day a friendship day.”
After that I said, “What should be the criteria of a good friend?”
Rifat said, “He or she has to be ready for big sacrifice, he has to tolerate all kinds of “torture” of the friend.
Mithila said, “That's right, a good friend always takes both good and bad side with a smile.”
Rifat said again, “I think if sometime we quarrel friendship would be strengthened. Friendship has many colours, sometimes there is rain, and sometimes there is sunlight.”
I said, “The friendship we see in the western countries, is this possible in the context of Bangladesh?
Rifat said, “It could not be possible.”
Mithila said, “If transparency is there only then friendship is possibly.”

I argued, “But what do we see in the society of some rich people? They are drinking, men and women are dancing at party, is this acceptable?”

Shantanu said “It depends on society. When our parents were young they might have made friendship, which later turned into love. That's why they are afraid to see boys and girls making friendship. But now times have changed.”
Rifat added, “At first when Mithila and Razia called me on Telephone, my mother was little suspicious, but when I told her they were my good friends, she stopped worrying.
It was time to end the Friendship Day adda. So, I said, “I think our friendship will live long if we remain sincere and honest.

(More on Friendship Day next week)

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