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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 3 | August 20, 2006 |


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Campus Feature

Choose friends wisely

Tazmia Islam Nion

On International Friendship Day we went around Dhaka University asking a number of students for their comments on the day. Below is the compilation

My memorable journey to Germany

The date of my flight was 27th of February, by Kuwait Airways. Due to some internal problems of Kuwait Airways, the flight was cancelled.

NIFD: where famous designers are created!

Sabrina Hasan Shoily

If we look back ten to fifteen years, we will see that words such as fashion, style, and trend were not a part of normal day to day conversation but now things have changed drastically.

Baby brains are hard-wired for math!

Sara Goudarzi

Next time someone complains about arithmetic being hard, math lovers can defend themselves by saying "even a 6-month-old can do it."

A Wretched Roman Conqueror!

Shamim Ahmed

How could I be explaining this? Complexity of growing up! Or having no faith in the surroundings? Sometimes I go outside, walk around and look at different things.

Come study in France

Shakhawat Hossain

France occupies an important position in the international sector of scientific exchange and advanced training. On the basis of the recognised quality of its higher-education institutions, France wishes to welcome an increasing number of foreign students each year.

I am fascinated by Albert Einstein

Javed Sattar

The more I read about Albert Einstein the more I become fascinated by this scientist. This great physician is considered a super brain in this world of pea-brains all around us.

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