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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 3 | August 20, 2006 |


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My coolest buddy

Ishtiak Adnan

“Hey ya, dare to have a race with me?”….Probably it was the first line that he threw towards me on my first day at school when all of us were around 6 in age. Being knocked out in the first bout and shocked to the fullest sense, I immediately turned around and noticed “something (if not someone)” which can just be defined as a fatty teddy bear. But there was immense confidence and enormous courage in his boastful look. I refused to take his challenge that day and thank God, I did it right! Yeah, I'm talking about Shoaib, my best friend and probably the coolest buddy I've ever met. From that tender age he used to believe that he was an inborn leader and we think that too? He is not only a true leader, he is also an honest, truthful and amicable person. He could easily charm all of us with his profound intelligence and unthinkable mental power. We are friends from play-group and wish to continue it all through our lives. Let me introduce my coolest pal here. To best describe the incredible nerd, first of all I've to say a few words about his studies.

Shoaib has a magnificent academic background. He performed gloriously in Secondary School Certificate (SSC-equivalent to GCSE O-level) . He achieved GPA-5 in SSC examination and in all the semester examinations of the college; he got GPA-5 which must be considered a tremendous and truly commendable success. After SSC examination, when all of us just threw ourselves in the ocean of joy to have some rocking time , he sat for his SAT-1 and he got 1300 !! Incredible, huh?

For his extraordinary educational performance he got lots of scholarships. His success began to shine when he got talent pool scholarship in class 2 at kindergarten school. He got “Primary-talent pool scholarship” as well as “Junior-Talent pool Scholarship” for his impressive result during high school. He also received “Board Scholarship” under Jessore Board and his name was at the top in scholarship list, which was created on the basis of total marks. It indicates, he stood first in Jessore board. Also, he achieved “College scholarship” which was given on the basis of a combination of outstanding results in SSC and college 1st year.

Besides, he is actively involved in some extra-curricular activities. He is adept in painting. He participated in lots of painting competitions. He started to attend debate competitions from class 8 and from then on, he was always a brilliant debater. He won lots of commendable prizes for our school. He is also highly proficient in computer. He is very much dexterous in office softwares and internet. Also, he is an amateur website developer. I found many of his letters and articles published in “ The Daily Star “ and he is an active member of “Prothom Alo Bondhushova”. Many of his articles, poems and fictions were published in different newspapers and magazines showing the depth of his writing skill and his interest in literature.

Shoaib is a real good friend and I always found that he tries to help everybody. Sometime it so happened that, he had to bear even his own loss to help others. He was the heart of all in the hangouts of our friends and the subtle sense of humor that he posses is simply tremendous. He has the ability to rock parties alone. Also he is a very good organizer. As we were not in the same college in HSC level , we could not meet a lot but we always kept in touvh through cell phones and e-mails. In all, Shoaib is a unique and meritorious guy with lots of moral qualities. Being his friend is really a matter of pride to all of us. Long live our dear dosto !!!

(All opinion in the article is extremely personal. The writer will be liable for the information and views)

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