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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 4 | August 27, 2006 |


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University Campus?!

Towsif Osman

UNIVERSITY campus! The first things that would pop up in one's mind hearing these two words are huge and scholarly-looking buildings surrounding a large courtyard or field, students scattered everywhere like ants in a farm, sudden bursts of bellowing laughter, band geeks practicing for their next session, the cassanova of the university surrounded by girls with fluttering eyes and the occasional under-dog being teased by almost everyone. Well, stop day-dreaming! This is Bangladesh. Other than a few public universities most of the private ones don't have a proper campus. If some people are naïve enough to call the streets in front of the office-buildings-turned-university-building a campus, then they are excused. Say, you are standing there along with your friends talking about the 'hotty' that joined the university this semester or laughing your hearts out discussing a most mind-numbingly stupid topic when a car creeps up silently behind you and starts honking. How would you feel? Also the under-construction building beside your university building is a great source of heavy metal music and IFOs (Identifiable Falling Objects) which might at anytime make someone the proud winner of an ambulance trip to the nearest hospital. And let's not talk about the construction materials strewn over the only space where you once walked. I said walked because the street is now more of an obstacle course and you don't walk through obstacle courses. One false move of the foot and you might end up being called Mr. Limps-a-lot, not to mention the chance of being infected with TT. But, the irony is, all that construction is being done by your own university and its campus development so we cannot say anything. By this time, you might think of me as a whiny little jerk, so I'll say these too. Though there are a lot of problems at the present, some of the private universities are striving to make things better. Whatever problems exist at present, they make it up with quality education. Also, some of the top-class private universities are developing their own proper university campuses at suitable locations away from the commotion. Since we cannot do anything at present about the problems at hand, we have to be content with the hope of a better campus waiting for us in the near future. Let the prophecy come true!

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