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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 7| September 17, 2006 |


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State-of-the-art technology and facilities in AIUB

Edward Apurba Singha

In science and engineering educatin it is indispensable for the students to enjoy modern hi-tech infrastructure and facilities in order to nourish their inner possibilities.

Teach yourself English

Amitava Basu

Globalisation has dismantled geographical barriers. And, with advancement of information technology, the world has become smaller.

What is Cryptography?

Faisal Ameen

The German Lorenz cipher machine, used in World War II for encryption of very high-level general staff messages

Adda at UIU

Marzia Sharmin

UIU- United International University. And if we look at the name from a different perspective it stands for you, me, and you- perfect ingredients for a delicious “adda”.

Private universities in Bangladesh

Mahdin Mahboob

The system of private universities is a relatively new concept in Bangladesh.

Random Ramblings…

Dazed & Confused

Like billions of children around the world have been for centuries, I too was introduced to the tale of Cinderella

Know about ambigrams

Towsif Osman

The first time I came across this awe-inspiring design technique was when I was reading Dan Brown's 'Angels & Demons'.

Brain-Drain…A problem in our country

Tanzina Rahman

When often I ask my friends about their future plan-what they intend to do after graduation-many of them reply that they want to go abroad and live there forever.

The ideals of campus-youth

Arshi Ahmed

The development process of a country is integrally linked with its education system.

The timelessness of classics

Hammad Ali

I struggled to keep my eyes open, wondering how time could move so slowly. I could swear each minute in this class was about the same duration as ten regular minutes.

The "mama" culture & some embarrassment

Insia Ishtiaq Juhi

I never noticed when I became so obsessed with the word mama or mamu.


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