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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 15 | November 19, 2006 |


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Department of Public Library
Stretching the horizon of knowledge

Kazi Ahmed Farhan & Amanat Ahmed

Education is light, knowledge is power. It cannot be said unless the power of knowledge can be spread to the mass people. Library helps a person to lighten his life. It enriches them by exposing them to the books. Book is the symbol of knowledge and happiness. “Book, book, and book are the only three things needed in the human life” as said by Leo Tolstoy on the importance of books.

With the intention to provide reading services to all kind of readers, Bangladesh Central Public Library started its journey in 1958. At first it was placed where the current Dhaka University Central Library is situated. In 1978, it was transferred to its current position in Shahbagh inside Dhaka University campus and later in 1984 it was institutionalised as a department under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. At present there are 68 public libraries under this department in the entire country.

Entire Country
Magazines / Periodicals

The primary function of the Library is to provide reading facilities to all classes of readers. It is open for 24 hours, 5 days a week. Anyone, irrespective of age can come to the library and study as long as he/she wants. It also acts primarily as a reference library.

The concerned authority manages the entire institution in a sound manner. Everything is very neat and clean and well maintained. The reading rooms are fully air-conditioned. The calm and quiet environment encourages the readers to come here again and again. The average daily attendance is quite remarkably 2,258 in Shahbagh.

There is a separate reading room for the children. To ensure the sanctity, close circuit cameras are also installed in different places. The overall environment is fantastic. “I want to equip it with modern amenities” as said by Mr. Shafique Alam Mehdi, Director, Department of Public Libraries. “ It should be in line with the modern libraries of the contemporary time.” Anyone can meet the people oriented director conveying his/her suggestions on what kind of books should be procured.

Writers are students of Marketing Department of Dhaka University


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