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     Volume 1 Issue 16 | November 26, 2006 |


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Presentation-some basic tips

By Shantonu Bhadra

Today, the business executives as well as the marketing related people engaged in business often have to present different topics, ideas and tactics. Not only the business related person, but also the students often have to participate in presentations about different assigned topics. So it's very important for us to know about some basic things that can help us to deliver a good presentation.

Preparation: While preparaing, keep in mind that you are presenting it to listeners, not readers. Understand the topic well. You can present it in front of your classmates or colleagues to find out your primary problems. You can present it with the multimedia tools to make it livelier and easier on yourself. Remember that you have to try to present it according to the requirement of the topic, so prepare like that.

Presentation topic: What you are presenting and how you are presenting it is important. You have to decide your presentation style according to the situation. You have to clarify the things that need to be understood by all. Suppose you have little time to describe your ideas, but you have a large number of PowerPoint slides. Then you have to skip the less important slides and present the idea in a way that will reflect the main theme. Prepare the theme with short and simple words that can be understood by all (you can use specialized words while you are presenting it to a specialized person to whom it is well-known).

Idea generation: Have a good command over the idea, because you have to make it clear to all. Present the idea or topic in a realistic way. Generate your idea in a way that can touch the minds of the listeners.

Presentation style: Presentation can be of two types: written presentation or readout and oral presentation. Written presentation needs to include the written documents about the idea and you have to read it out to the listeners. In oral presentation, things are different. Here, you have to speak clearly so that audiences can understand. You can have an introduction, then the main theme and lastly brief and related parts of topic. Do not pronounce the words with local accent. Be lively, but do not move too much. Express your idea in a realistic way. You may present the ideas with statistical figures and with real life example.

Audience attraction: Have a good idea about your listeners. While you are presenting, make sure you have eye contact with them. A good idea is to move your eyes to every corner of the room while you are presenting. Make sure that everyone can hear you. But do not talk so loudly that it hampers the attention of the listeners. Audience attraction is one of the main parts and the success of your presentation depends largely on it. Adequate preparation, positive behavior, good confidence, proper attire etc are some important things. So, have a good preparation, be confident and present it in a lively manner. You will be the
successful one!

(Student of Dept. of Finance, DU)


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