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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 19 | December 17, 2006 |


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Campus and Liberation War

THE history of Bangladesh Liberation War would remain incomplete if we do not recall and recognise the contribution of the teachers and students of the schools, colleges and universities.

A Teacher, a Freedom Fighter

DURING my student life, I was a student as well as a cultural activist. We started working for regional autonomy from the year of 1959 and had to undergo minimum punishment in the form of cancellation of scholarship right from the school days.

Death and Glory

HI, I am Glory. The other day, I had a dusky conversation with the soul of a muktijoddha. He called himself Death. On a blood-red bed sheet, I placed myself sitting cross-legged as he blew his words into my ears.

35th Victory Day:
From with a different angle

IN the smoky December sky the resplendent sun blows the trumpet of victory. To quote Tagore, “She comes! Comes! Ever comes!” The whole nation awaits the glorious arrival of the day - 16th December.

“I am the daughter of a freedom fighter”

HONESTLY speaking, my relationship with my dad is something like that between Bush and Saddam. To my every "Yes", his unequivocal and obvious response is "No", my every endeavor meets with a frown from my dad and all my high-flying dreams are always wet blanketed by him.

Meeting a war veteran

AS victory day draws closer, the whole country gears up for the proudest day in our history. The red and green appears everywhere and it suddenly becomes the “in” thing for students to be wearing them around.


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