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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 19 | December 17, 2006 |


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"Battle of Minds"- A platform for the young generation

Nashra And Irtiza.

On Saturday, we witnessed the future of our country striving for excellence on one platform- "The Battle of Minds". This is an annual program arranged by The British American Tobacco Bangladesh with The Daily Star as their media partner to basically recruit future potential employees in the field of business administration. The program was held at the BRAC Center Inn.

The program kicked off with an introductory presentation by one of BATB's own employees and then went on to the first round of presentations by the competing groups. There were a total of eleven presenting groups from ten different universities all over Dhaka and they were presenting their individual solutions to the challenge provided by the authorities. The criterion for selection of the groups was that the participants would have to be final year students with a minimum CGPA of 3.00. The first round was judged by senior officials of BATB. After assessment of confidence, innovative thinking and the nature of their solution, five groups were selected to go on to the second round. The problem in the second round was related to the first challenge. After assessment of the second round the IBA team was awarded first position and the IUB team won second position.

Most of the former winners of The Battle of Minds are now professionals working for BATB and a bright future awaits the present winners. It was a tough competition full of impressive presentations and we wish all the participants best of luck for their future careers. The Battle of Minds is an excellent platform for the young and blooming minds to be launched into the "real world", and we hope it continues to create new dimensions for the younger generations in the years to come.



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