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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 1 | January 14, 2007|


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All about co-curricular activities

Nafis Ahmed

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. In today's world of increasing competition time and time again it has been proven that theoretical education alone is not enough.

Ramna Park
A Magnificent Garden in the Heart of Dhaka

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

It is a normal scenario for many people to go to Ramna Park on Pahela Baishakh. But at that time the park gets so crowded that it becomes quite impossible to enjoy the nature fully.

Profile of a good student

Mainul Hassan

Tell me what is the most common dream of any university student? Yes, it is the dream of graduating with a handsome academic background and securing a bright future.

Give Youth a Chance
We don't want to clean your mess; we just want to live our dreams…the youth of the nation

Afrina Choudhury

That was the theme of the concert held on the rooftop of Words and Pages on the 30th of December, 2006 where various youth from all over Dhaka gathered in an inspirational moment to ponder over their present and future conditions and in a way protest against all the turmoil. .

Chaos around the corner

Syeda Sabita Amin

We all knew chaos would be just around the corner as the New Year began, and alas our predictions were true. Another Oborodh, so what else is new?

Atlantic College
A campus with a difference

Iftekhar Akter

The campus of Atlantic College is 150 acres of rural and coastal area. The heart of the college is the beautiful St.Donats Castle on the South Wales coast, overlooking the Bristol Channel.

Project D-Youth:
Put your heads together

Nazia Ahmed

From an impressive 773 teams vying for the coveted goal of becoming Brand Ambassadors for Djuice, 10 teams have survived the challenges so far.

IT Feature

Grand finale of a debating feast


The debating scene in our country is indeed something to look at with awe. The youth of the nation seem to be the key players in promoting the culture of using logic as a tool to solve all sorts of problems which, I'm afraid is yet to be embraced by the veteran politicians and corporate leaders of this country.

In quest of a friend


A vacuum has been holding sway in my life ever since the girl I knew to be my friend took the plunge to walk away. To be more on the dot she had become so intolerably cruel that I found it difficult to withstand such cruelty.

Women and Gender Studies: A career oriented subject

Priyodarshinee Auvi

The Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Dhaka is the first of its kind in Bangladesh which offers 4-year BSS (Bachelor of Social Science) and one year MSS (Master of Social Science) degrees on 'women issues' blending the theories and real life situations.


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