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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 4 | February 4, 2007|


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Where leaders are created

Imran Ahmed

Do you know how you can be a LEADER? In our country almost everyone wants to be a leader, but usually they have some individual objectives behind all of that. Few want to be leaders so that they can contribute something to their society and country.

AIESEC, the world's largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potentials and make a positive impact in society. In addition to providing over 5,000 leadership positions and delivering over 350 conferences all over the world, AIESEC also runs an exchange program that enables around 4,000 students and fresh graduates to live and work in another country.

On September 2005, American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) joined AIESEC as the fourth LC (Local Committee) in Bangladesh. Till now it is busy setting up a proper base. In the meantime, AIESEC Bangladesh selected the first ever Executive Body of AIESEC in American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) to continue and lead the local committee in future activities. AIESEC - AIUB organized two recruitment sessions to find out potential students for becoming a part of this club and contribute to further developments.

Starting with the first step, AIESEC AIUB proposed a project for PBOX (Project Based On eXchange) under the guidance of the Department of ICX (Incoming eXchange). The PBOX focused on the Benarashi Polli - which has lost nearly 65% of its shares and is on the verge of extinction. The aim of the PBOX is to rejuvenate this market and therefore ensure its sustainability in the long run. For the promotional campaign of this project, mass awareness programs were undertaken within the campus for encouraging students to contribute. France, Estonia, Mexico and UK showed their interest in joining this project along with B.I.F.T (BGMEA Institute of Fashion and Technology) and have shown interest to expand this project globally.

It was a dream for AIESEC AIUB to do an eXchange (where students get the chance to do their internship in another country and acquire quality experience) in its very first year. AIESEC AIUB ultimately made its dream come true not by one but three eXchanges. The first eXchange was by the department of ICX and the other two eXchanges by the OGX (Out Going eXchange) Department. The task of OGX task is to select the best AIESEC members through SRB (Student Review Board) and match them with the best companies and sectors in abroad. On the other hand, ICX department look for the best companies and developing sectors in our country to match the best AIESECer from abroad.

AIESEC in AIUB had the honor of starting the journey of their lecture series, organized by the Department of Communication and People Development along with one of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh Mr. Sayed Mahmudul Haque (Director, Total Gas Limited) who shared his view with students of the Business Department on foreign investment, prospects of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in export and the means of developing themselves as leaders in the international business arena. By distributing paper and online newsletters about past and future activities, Communication Department has become one of the most prestigious sectors to the stakeholders. This department is playing an important role in highlighting the Brand Promise of AIESEC both for internal and external relationships.

The People Development (PD) Department deals with developing people's potentiality and leadership quality. They are planning to organize a workshop where groups of five people from four universities (AIUB, BRAC University, IUB sand NSU) will show their projects based on recent issues that are affecting the society. This will definitely sharpen the student's social awareness and awaken them to their responsibilities about society.

All these things combined, AIESEC is a platform to create opportunities for young individuals to be leaders and lead their lives as such.


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